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Photography NYC

Photography NYC

Photography is described as the science and art of creating pictures by recording light on a radiation-sensitive medium such as electronic image sensors or photographic film. There are many uses for photography as a medium. Photography can be used for recreational purposes or to sell a product or service. It has been known to change public opinion of products and helps to record memories. From headshots, to art and manufacture, photography is needed in many forms and variations. Since photography is obviously a useful service, why don’t more people take the time to hire a reliable photography service?

The reason is because most people don’t know where to look in order to find a reliable photography service or video editing service. There are a good portion of people who just look in their phone book for the nearest photography company around and spend mass amounts of money. Capture your memories in the best way possible by taking the time to find the best photo and video editing service available. New York City-centered company 347 Design/Events is a company that provides some of the most talked about photography services in the states and abroad. The crew on Fifth Avenue has exclusive experience with creative responsibilities such as photography and video editing.

Along with the use of photography and video editing to sell products and services, the use of an advertising agency can also be useful.  An advertising agency can provide a different point of view towards selling products and services. With varying points of views, a business owner can truly determine the best method towards selling products. Ad Agencies can also handle branding duties along with online marketing strategies. The team can lead a company in the best direction with advice on the overall branding and identity of company products.

The benefits of a good photography NYC and video editing should not be overlooked in the never-ending quest for exposure as a major business or company. A good marketing agency NYC can be the difference between having a presentable company image that you can be proud of or a boring, no-name business. When in need for the skills of a great photographer or video editing team, spare no expense. Remember, it is the image and reputation of your company on the line. In the business world, this can mean everything.

CyberLink Launches “Foodies & Photographs” Festive Food Photography Campaign

Food Photography
The campaign is composed of a contest, and the release of a collection of food photography tips and tricks from popular Instagram photographer Alexa Mehraban of @EatingNYC. Challenging photography enthusiasts to capture and perfect their most …

Part Time Photography

Part Time Photography

Photography is an enjoyable hobby, allowing enthusiasts to express their creative side and record important events. It can also easily be converted into a sideline job. During the continuing economic downturn, many people are seeking a way to increase their income, and what better way than turning an enriching pastime into a profitable small business?

The initial investment in a small photography business is generally lower than for many other small business ideas, especially if most of the equipment is already on hand. In the digital age, most of the investment will be in the camera itself and a good editing program for enhancing and improving the images. No longer is a dark room a necessity, as many professional photographers exclusively use a digital format.

Often the key to a successful small photography business centers around the flexibility of the photographer. Although some specialize in only event photography, this can narrow the number of clients, especially in small towns and rural areas. Being able to broaden the focus of the photography business draws more customers. Weddings, graduations and other special events might be the primary emphasis of the business, but expanding to include fine art photography, business centered photos, or architectural photography highlights the photographer’s varied skills and desirability.

If the business is based in an area rich with tourism, artistically captured scenes make a wonderful souvenir of a journey. Not only large framed photos, but small note cards and other mementos of a trip are good sellers. Photos can be placed in local galleries and gift shops that are frequented by tourists.

House photography is becoming more popular as people not only want a family portrait but a beautiful portrait of their home. Businesses frequently need excellent professional photographs of their products. Many photographers do nothing else but offer this service. In large cities, it can be a very profitable sideline business.

Offering photography services to casual sellers on online auctions can be promoted as an investment. Sellers with eye catching photos of their offerings often receive higher bids than those with poor photos that don’t attract buyers. Great advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Using social media and special offers from printing shops can help cut costs. Business cards, brochures and websites can all be found at reasonable prices to help get the word out about the new business.

Recommendations from satisfied clients are one of the best forms of advertising. As the business grows, many eventually convert their one-time hobby into a full-time, income generating endeavor.

Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops are an amazing thing that is used for decoration purpose. Different scenes printed Photography Backdrops are available to make it much more attractive. There is a design of Photography Backdrops that is Rose House Pattern Waterproof Photography Studio Backdrop 16.40×9.84ft which is very attractively designed. It has a scene of white house’s door around which is pink colored roses. There is a plant pot in the side of the door. The most important and good aspect of this backdrop is that it has got the waterproof prints so there won’t be a problem of rain water and if you need to clean it then water can be used without any problem. This Photography Backdrop makes a very clean scene. There several other models and designs available at different prices.

If your room’s wall has some sort of bad spots and you want to just cover it then the Photography Backdrops of your choice can be used to do the covering work and after that it will make your room much prettier than before. Now if you are up to decorate a stage then the proper Photography Backdrops can do your work easily and it will make the stage very attractive and creative. You can purchase any sized Photography Backdrops and there won’t be any problem for carrying because it can be fold to a small space.

If you want to decorate your office then make the usage of your best selected Photography Backdrops and hang it to the walls of your office. There are some informative types of backdrops available that can be used in a classroom and it will bring positive impact to the lower class students. And there won’t be problem of going off the prints because it has got very proper printing materials which is enough durable.

If you have a studio and willing to attract the customers then you should really be very creative in order to do so. Well, there is an idea of using Photography Backdrops. Buy many designs and scenes of backdrops and provide the choices to your customers. Many will be attracted towards your professional activities since they can get their pictures in different scenes. So, Photography Backdrops are very useful to fulfill your several desires just in a sec. Every product will be durable and reliable which are provided by Dinodirect.com. So don’t wait and get some of models.

Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops

Whenever any picture is taken there must be an attractive background in order to provide the picture an ideal look. Here comes the Photography Backdrops which has ability to decorate a stage or a picture. Theses come in various colors, sizes and art work so that one can easily have one of their own choice. If you have a room with plenty of space and does not look nice when you enter then your room absolutely needs decorating materials. Photography Backdrops are the amazing tools that can be hung to the walls of your room and will give a beautiful virtual look. It is not too hard to put this thing on the wall. Now after the installation of these Photography Backdrops whenever you enter the room a different pleasure can be felt. This will make you more efficient and healthy too. You can expect the quality of these backdrops high-class and will be perfect for durability and professional purposes.

In case you need to decorate a stage for performing a play or dancing, respective type of Photography Backdrops can be used and that will further add the entertainment. There are certain backdrops of high quality that can even confuse people to differentiate as virtual scene. If you know the idea of decoration and if you can design the patterns in very easy way then these backdrops can help you even in making the surrounding look like according to your choice. Everyone will feel as if they are somewhere in the imagining world rather than the real one. If you are very sensitive towards your rooms’ inner look or want to decorate the inside of whole house then just pick up your choices and plan in a very simple way. You can make your inside look of house being something else like: a heaven type or forest type or nature beauty type or world of imagination type. These all is possible with Photography Backdrops. These comes with nice quality, whenever get dirt on them just simple cleaning can make them again like the new one so you do not need to get worry about changing the backdrops after getting some dirt on them.

This will provide you the nice carrying comfort; you can just fold them and transfer whenever you like them to be. Your money will not go waste that you might have been spent on Photography Backdrops even if you change your house due to its easy folding capability.


Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Everyone loves taking travel photos to document and remember their adventures, but travel photography means more than just holiday photos, especially for the professionals. Many professional photographers, no matter what their area of expertise, often find themselves trekking around the world to explore different peoples and cultures. Here are some of Australia and New Zealand’s top photographers whose jobs take them all over the world.

Urs Buhlman – Advertising

Urs specialises in photographing cars for some of the biggest automotive companies in the world. He started travelling around Australia in his early years before beginning his international work. “In 1988 I started shooting ad work, and have eventually specialised in automotive work which took me to many countries whilst assigned on international accounts,” he says.

Stephen Dupont – Reportage

Stephen’s passion to tell the stories of marginalised people in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, has seen him travel to countries like Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Israel and Japan, to name just a few. He says a great tip for taking photos on the go is to not underestimate compact digital cameras as a fantastic lightweight cameras you can keep in your pocket at all times while on the go.

Yervant – Weddings

Wedding photographer Yervant loves his job – and we would too if we got to have this much fun every day!

“I have to admit I love my job!” he says. “Beautiful girls, happy days, all smiles and I can shoot to my heart’s delight.”

Not to mention the opportunity to test out and experiment with the greatest EOS digital SLR cameras every day! He also says travel is a big part of his work, which is an enviable added bonus. “I am very fortunate to be able to see many parts of the world through my assignments and seminars.” You can visit his website to see what other fun he has on his photo shoots.

Chris McLennan – Travel

Chris, of course, gets to do a lot of travelling. “For the past 15 years I have been travelling the globe on numerous commissioned shoots, photographing some of the world’s most amazing people, places, wildlife and cultures in more than 30 different nations,” he says. See his internationally acclaimed work by visiting the Canon EOS Masters website.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We sustain our pictures in unique places. We may possibly not show them nor positioned them all in splendid frames but we make certain we sustain them in safe and seem places. As very much as possible, we need to possess them within their most significant feasible situations when we appear back again at them in time. Of course, we cannot keep away from their fading but our target in preserving them will be to create them last longer. adequate for us, to appear back again at them many years from now, with pictures within of the place or faces within of people these times we are with nevertheless vivid or no much under clear. finding them this way will make the memories within our minds also obvious and intact.

Photos are most essential to remind people these times of the wedding celebration day. For some, when achieved using the ideal reasons, this represents as just one of the happiest times within their lives. It is complete of special moments and symbolism. not just will it mark since the starting of your life with one another using the particular person you adore however it also represents the start of the brand new family. regardless of the pleased several hours and since the morning will event, the only trouble that will stay obvious in you is your memories. As times include up, these memories also fade. However, largely credited for the wedding celebration photography, you might have one thing to create every thing that experienced happened on that morning a whole whole lot more alive. affordable flower girl dress

That is why any particular person have to uncover out easy methods to sustain these pictures prolonged lasting. We will certainly not know what will require place in the accomplish within of the day, and if we are not cautious with how we store them, you may loose them or even the worst it may possibly be destroyed. in your circumstance to create them last for just about any prolonged time right listed here are some recommendations that you simply will require advantage of in relation to safekeeping photos:

Albums- several of us adore to stack pictures in boxes. this could be not really a bad trouble to do. However, it may be an advantage in your circumstance sustain them in albums largely because you might have all you telephone call for in storing them. One, they have plastics that will shield your pictures from feasible spillage. Two, albums are like notebooks with handles that will sustain your pictures from finding folded. Three, you can possess the pictures kept sequentially. groom dresses

store them in Pc- all of your pictures could be scanned. Therefore, when you do not want them to fade and when you need to possess them recopied easily, sustain them in your computer. Besides, you will make them as your wallpaper or use it as your screensavers too.

store in Removable device- You will certainly not know when your individual computer will shutdown or get wiped out for defects. Therefore, you will in any way instances telephone call for just about any back again up duplicate to sustain these photos. Have them burned on CDs or flash disks so that you simply can sustain a backup. This way, every one of the bucks you compensated for the wedding celebration photography will not be positioned into waste. lace bridal gown

Upload on websites- There are now cost-free on the net albums that allows one to safe and seem sustain your photos. several of them are cost-free services. Therefore, hold benefit of it and store it in there. this could also make these pictures accessible in all computer systems and all components within of the entire world just as prolonged as there is internet.

“The Value of a Dollar” Photography by Jonathan Blaustein

“The Value of a Dollar” Photography by Jonathan Blaustein

“The Value of a Dollar” photo collection taken by Jonathan Blaustein will let you know what you should eat with just one US dollar. Everything from Ramen noodles, potted meat, fenugreek seeds to organic grapefruits were bought with just one dollar and caputed by by Jonathan Blaustein. Jonathan Blaustein, a New Mexico-based photographer and former chef shows how hard to eat healthy when money is an big issue, especially in the current economic recession. The New York Times photographer\’s idea of “The Value of a Dollar” came from his buying 10 early-season organic blueberries for $ 1. This made him upset because he, indeed, bought 17 organic blueberries from Chile for the same price. The fact shows off the visual contrast so that the man arranged the blueberries in two rows of five and captured them. He continued to purchase other foods just with one dollar for each such as 7 packages of shrimp-flavored ramen noodles, 48 tea biscuits from Spain, a little pile of rice, escargot from Indonesia, and so on. Let\’s cast your eyes on the most interesting shots of “The Value of a Dollar” photographed by Jonathan Blaustein.


One dollar’s worth of 10 blueberries from California


One dollar\’s worth of 30 dried fishes


One dollar’s worth of escargots from Indonesia


One dollar’s worth of vegetable Salad and a little sauce


One dollar’s worth of a little saffron


One dollar’s worth of curry seeds from India


One dollar’s worth of several beef bones


One dollar’s worth of shrimp flavored chips


One dollar’s worth of cookies and tea from Spain


One dollar’s worth of a little pile of rice


One dollar’s worth of potted meat food product


One dollar’s worth of a pile of sandwiches


One dollar’s worth of necklaced candy from China


One dollar’s worth of 4 green tomatoes from Mexico


One dollar’s worth of 4 grapefruits


One dollar’s worth of 1 orange


One dollar’s worth of 1 McDonald cheese hamburger


One dollar’s worth of a little wheat flour



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The Lounge- Diana DeLucia Photography

The Lounge- Diana DeLucia Photography



All of us can take pictures.  After all, it is simply a point and shoot thing!  But not all of us can take great pictures, do what he or she loves, and makes a great living out of it.  Furthermore, not all of us can take photos that seem to come alive with its sheer beauty.

This month, I have had the greatest pleasure of interviewing one of the best photographers in the industry, Diana DeLucia.

Diana first became popular in the Corporate world creating headshots for executives and Law Firms. She gave her clients more control in the portrait process “I want them to like their headshot; it will be used for many years to come in various types of media”. After this many avenues opened for Diana in the corporate world such as photography for website homepages, annual reports and brochures.

Diana does not only deal with corporate photography, she also works with product photography.  She uses the standard white background in some of her shots, but she also encourages her clients to make use of other background colors and emphasizes the importance of  prop styling in product photography.  Not only are these “beauty shots” perfect for advertising materials like brochures and billboards, but they are also perfect for their websites, swing tags and product labels.

However, her passion is food photography especially for the fine dining industry.  This includes not only the dishes whipped up by some of the biggest names in the culinary world like New York Chef Daniel Boulud and Sydney, Australia Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, but this also includes portraits of the world-famous chefs as well.

Diana also specializes in restaurant photography, and her photos capture what chefs want their restaurants to portray – comfort, elegance, grace, and the fine-dining experience.  Diana knows how to tickle the visitors’ fancy and imagination by not only taking photos of the chefs, their restaurants, and their dishes but also the behind-the-scene actions of restaurant kitchens.  Her food photography grabs the attention of viewers.  The food photos tantalize their senses and make them imagine the taste and smell of the dishes.

Diana DeLucia is a very interesting woman with a very interesting talent of “bringing to life” the images she captures through her lenses.  And it is my greatest pleasure to share with you the interview I have had with her.  I hope you enjoy reading through the interview, and if you have any comments, please feel free to leave one.  I also encourage you to visit her website to learn more about her art.



Diana Delucia Photography

Dish by Iron Chef Marc Forgione of Restaurant Marc Forgione, New York City

Fettuccini “carbonara”, Feather Ridge Farm egg, Niman ranch Bacon, Oyster Mushrooms.

I asked Diana about her craft. You will find the Q&A below:

1 ) I learned that you were originally from Australia, what made you decide to move to the United States?

Business and Marriage (“I’ll save that for Vanity Fair” she says)

2 ) Has photography always been your interest and your passion?

Photography was my passion since I was a small child; my father gave me my first SLR camera, a Praktica, when I was 14 years of age. I studied Photography and darkroom film processing at the local Community College in Bundaberg, Queensland, while I was also at High School. I photographed mainly wildlife and scenery, and I soon discovered a passion for Fruit Bats and their habitat. Through this passion, I was fortunate enough to gain a great friend mentor – the renowned, late, Australian Naturalist, Writer and Photographer, Harry Frauca. Harry taught me extensive knowledge about photography and nature.

3 ) What made you decide to make a career out of it?

Photography was always my dream and my passion, and I wanted it to be my career from a young age. I had many diversions from photography, but I was always working in the industry one way or another. I walked the run ways on the Gold Coast as a fashion and swim wear model and worked in Television and Advertising Casting in Melbourne for many years before moving to the USA in 2002. It was here in the USA that I took up my Photography career more seriously.

Diana DeLucia Photography

Le Cirque Restaurant in the Bloomberg Building, New York, New York

4 ) Did you take photography courses to enhance your skill?

As a photographer, you have to continually update your skills, so yes.

Photography is subjective. It is an art form, and to some degree, you are born with a photographer’s eye. If you have the eye, you learn the rules; and when you can break them, you learn the science of the camera; and you practice them all; and the eye will take care of the rest. Of course, you also need Marketing and personality, and you can never be in a bad mood. You must always smile and make people happy and feel good about themselves.

I was also very fortunate as I also started the magazine NY Restaurant Insider with my partner at the time, and over a 5 year period from 2004 to early 2010, I was house photographer and gained a great reputation in the Fine Dining industry, which led to many, many bookings in the Restaurant Industry and Product photography. I also work extensively in the corporate world as I developed my own niche and methods.

Diana DeLucia Photography,

“Yellow fin Tuna Ribbons, Avocado, Spicy Radish, Ginger Marinade”

Dish created by Jean-Georges Vongerichten at Jean-Georges Restaurant, New York City

5 ) Can you tell us a little bit about the difference between taking up photography courses and self-taught photography?  In your opinion, what is better?

I would say that in today’s world, it’s always a better idea to start off with a degree. But, it’s not always that way. I have no degree, nor do many other renowned photographers. It’s the ability to sell and brand yourself, and people must like your photography style, that is what gets you bookings. You can photograph the most wonderful images in the world, but at the end of the day, it must be what people want, not what you want.

6 ) What is your “special style” in capturing images that make your art stand out from among the rest?

I love photographing food, and I love color. I see the food as an edible art form that can also be sensual to the human eye. I use mirrors and natural light if possible to keep the richest colors. I became accustomed to details as my images were often enlarged and in the centerfold of the magazine, so I learned to be super critical, and I can now spot an issue with a dish on site.

I’m not the most technically correct photographer; I have a knack, a 6th sense, especially for colors. Even my portraits are rich in color.

I recently started capturing black and white images again, and I offer B and W conversions now for all of my services, including Food, which has a different feel to it yet again without the color.

7 ) Right now, what is your inspiration in creating beautiful art and what motivates you to do more?

Much of my inspiration comes from my subjects themselves. Seeing the passion that Chefs have for their work brings me so much inspiration to constantly grow as a photographer. When I worked with Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin, I had to sit down afterwards at a cafe, have a glass of wine and cry, literally.  I cried as I could not believe the passion he had for his craft; you could feel it. I have since learned to contain this feeling as I see it over and over again in this industry.


Diana DeLucia Photography

Cookbook Photography

Out take Photograph taken for a cook book project

Potato Artichoke Chile, Nirmalas Edible Diary, Chronicle Books, photography by Diana DeLucia Photography

8 ) Was there anybody in your life – a loved one perhaps or a famous photographer – who greatly influenced your career?  How so?

My career in photography was greatly influenced by friend and mentor, the late, Harry Frauca, Wildlife and Nature photographer; my admiration for Annie Leibowitz; my respect and pleasure to have witnessed and been involved with the work of Erik Fitkau many years ago in Melbourne; and recently my love for the work of Lou Manna.  Only one of these is a food photographer, but their passion for their work is what made me study them.

My clients are also a great source of inspiration as they continue to praise my work and my growth as a Photographer.

9 ) Is there anyone that you would love to have the opportunity to work with?  If so, who?

Yes, I would love to work with Annie Leibowitz, or just follow her around for a day at a Vanity Fair Celebrity fashion shoot!

I’ve shot so many Chefs.  My dream assignment would be to travel to Leon, France and work for Paul Bocuse. A day in the life of Paul Bocuse would be amazing!

10 ) I see that one of your passions is food and restaurant photography, what is in them that made you fall in love with taking photos of it?

It is the passion of the Chef.  Seeing that in action is an amazing thing to witness and photograph. The fine-dining masters create works of edible art, and so much work goes into each dish they create. Many people do not understand or appreciate the research of ingredients, the art of the presentation, and just how much goes into creating one dish.

I also love to photograph the restaurant interiors; they are pieces of history. Each restaurant is created by different Restaurateurs/Chef/Interior designers with vastly different personalities, and the ambiance and personality of each is so different.

My favorite restaurant designers are Adam Tihany and the world famous David Rockwell.

11 ) Have you ever had a “blooper” during one of your photography sessions, or a funny and memorable experience perhaps?

Yes, Charlie Trotters 20th Anniversary.  It was a very expensive fundraising Charity dinner for the Boys Home in Chicago.  Many of the worlds finest chefs were cooking at the dinner, including Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Daniel Boulud, Heston Blumenthal, Pierre Herme, Charlie Trotter, Tetsuya Wakuda and more; and the restaurant and kitchen were so busy that we had absolutely nowhere to photograph the food.  So I was set up in the spare bathroom, and it was funny to have the Gods of food bring me culinary creations to photograph in the loo. No lights, no nothing, just the light in the bathroom, funny stuff. In my opinion I did a lousy job that time, but the memories and laughs were worth it.

12 ) What are some tips and advices that you can share with photographers, especially those who want to turn their hobbies to careers?

Yeah, tons.

Understand that to work as a photographer, unless you are creating Fine Art, you need to take photos of what other people want.

You then need to apply your own style to this as this is why they hired you, and it is what separates each photographer from another.

Never act like you are the celebrity that is doing them a favor; I hear this complaint over and over about photographers.

Thank you for your time Diana. To contact Diana to arrange a booking call the number below or fill out the contact form on her website at this link

Diana DeLucia Photography LLC

860 406 1782


Digital Photography – The Magic of Everyday Objects

Digital Photography – The Magic of Everyday Objects

Once you start looking, you will find photographs everywhere..

Everyday items and situations will present themselves faster than you can take a picture.

You will find there is never a shortage of material and deciding what to take and soon you will have  a variety of unique and original  digital  photographs.

When I studied Art History, and learned about  Monet and his obsessiveness with the light,  his famous haystack paintings, and his interest in changing light, it meant nothing until I went to capture the light on some tropical plants. The whole lesson suddenly jumped into focus and everything fell into place.  Monet must have been really going for it to capture all that light, Once you  take note of it, the light changes almost as you watch and I can understand now his compulsiveness to get it all down before it changed.

Fortunately, with a digital camera we can freeze that moment in time and have an instant  record of that exact moment in time and that can be magic.

One of the best learning experiences is to miss out on the best shot because you thought you’d get it on the way home or some other time to find it has changed  gone, or the lighting had completely changed.  I  should know better but I missed a great shot myself the other day.  I spotted a herd of cows  congregated by the gate, all looking the same way, the lighting perfect, the photo almost completely posed for me, reached around for the camera  and found it was at home on the bench.

Simple  tips to try before you start to take a photograph

Spend some time looking around you.  Look up, look down,  look around
Walk around some distance away and then walk back before you take a shot
Look  to see if there is a better shot from another angle
Take time to notice things that you would not have seen had you just started shooting straight away
Get into the mood of your chosen place  first  and become  aware of your surroundings
Take a second look at things you  wouldn’t normally give a second glance
Experiment with where the light falls and really look to see which angle  makes a better shot
Move in and take close up – closely cropped  usually works, moving further away usually will not
Some ideas to experiment with
Rust is amazing to shoot  and has a wide range of colors and shades with such diversity.
Mould, and slime are also good starting points. Assuming you have macro on your camera, go out and see what you can rustle up , you will be amazed how fantastic your photos can look with close up pix of some of these.
Cobwebs can look ethereal or surreal stretched across some iron or old decayed wood – even your old fireplace hearth and the scattered ash can come up amazingly well with a bit of editing and have you looked to see how many faces you can see within your photos when enlarged.
Kitchen utensils make excellent shots and some close ups can make some very different abstract photos
Food items like eggs, strawberries and veggies can take the most amazing shots and something as simple as a cabbage has the most exciting form and texture and make interesting posters and prints. 
Think about having some of your best photographs printed out on canvas to enjoy

I hope this inspires you to take another look at your world.

Food photography business is a good when it?s all about your passion

Food photography business is a good when it?s all about your passion

Whenever we have a look of delicious looking big posters and we desire to have the same but that it is not exactly the same you will unwrap after getting that product. Also if you will not get the look of such a delicious and mouth watering photographs then you will not even look towards that food and will not try it. It has been suggested that if you are passionate about photography and want to keep a step forward towards food photography then you have do some searches first, if this is your first step then keep following things in mind.

Firstly, before shooting make an angle. Most of the people like to click a photo in a downward angle which seems that the level of your eyes is above the table and you are looking in downward direction. If totally depend on your decision that how you want to show the product to your audience. Create different dimensions to make the unique posters. You can also click a picture from the level of the plate so that the picture of melted chocolate and thickness of the juice is clearly visible to the viewers. This also explains the texture and also clearly explains that where the shot is lacking.

The chocolate cake always looks delicious but when you will cut a piece from it, it will show the depth and show the texture from the inner side. To have awesome and stunning clicks you should not play with the food in any way. To improve your food styling, you can peel a part or a section of the food to give a classy look. Also you can cause a juicy food in two parts which will clearly show the layers of the food and will look delicious too. More you try to reveal the object the more classy and appealing look it will give to the audience.

It will be better if you give a close and cropped look to the poster image. If you take a zoom in click of a food only with a plate then it will help you to eliminate the other distractions. Click the picture clearly and focus the item only which you want to show to the audience instead of highlighting the other decorative parts placed near to the food. Don’t make use of many props in the open space and keep the background simple and sober so that you can clearly highlight the food.