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Digital Photography – The Magic of Everyday Objects

Digital Photography – The Magic of Everyday Objects

Once you start looking, you will find photographs everywhere..

Everyday items and situations will present themselves faster than you can take a picture.

You will find there is never a shortage of material and deciding what to take and soon you will have  a variety of unique and original  digital  photographs.

When I studied Art History, and learned about  Monet and his obsessiveness with the light,  his famous haystack paintings, and his interest in changing light, it meant nothing until I went to capture the light on some tropical plants. The whole lesson suddenly jumped into focus and everything fell into place.  Monet must have been really going for it to capture all that light, Once you  take note of it, the light changes almost as you watch and I can understand now his compulsiveness to get it all down before it changed.

Fortunately, with a digital camera we can freeze that moment in time and have an instant  record of that exact moment in time and that can be magic.

One of the best learning experiences is to miss out on the best shot because you thought you’d get it on the way home or some other time to find it has changed  gone, or the lighting had completely changed.  I  should know better but I missed a great shot myself the other day.  I spotted a herd of cows  congregated by the gate, all looking the same way, the lighting perfect, the photo almost completely posed for me, reached around for the camera  and found it was at home on the bench.

Simple  tips to try before you start to take a photograph

Spend some time looking around you.  Look up, look down,  look around
Walk around some distance away and then walk back before you take a shot
Look  to see if there is a better shot from another angle
Take time to notice things that you would not have seen had you just started shooting straight away
Get into the mood of your chosen place  first  and become  aware of your surroundings
Take a second look at things you  wouldn’t normally give a second glance
Experiment with where the light falls and really look to see which angle  makes a better shot
Move in and take close up – closely cropped  usually works, moving further away usually will not
Some ideas to experiment with
Rust is amazing to shoot  and has a wide range of colors and shades with such diversity.
Mould, and slime are also good starting points. Assuming you have macro on your camera, go out and see what you can rustle up , you will be amazed how fantastic your photos can look with close up pix of some of these.
Cobwebs can look ethereal or surreal stretched across some iron or old decayed wood – even your old fireplace hearth and the scattered ash can come up amazingly well with a bit of editing and have you looked to see how many faces you can see within your photos when enlarged.
Kitchen utensils make excellent shots and some close ups can make some very different abstract photos
Food items like eggs, strawberries and veggies can take the most amazing shots and something as simple as a cabbage has the most exciting form and texture and make interesting posters and prints. 
Think about having some of your best photographs printed out on canvas to enjoy

I hope this inspires you to take another look at your world.

Cake Decorating ? The Magic of Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating ? The Magic of Cake Decorating

Cake decorators are not born; you too can learn how to decorate a cake like the professionals. Have you ever watched Cake Decorating shows on TV and had that “walking into a home smelling of freshly baked goodies feeling”?

“Cake Decorating Is An Art…And You Are The Artist.”

An Expression of Art
Even if you have never decorated a cake, I am sure that you appreciate and enjoy some of the beautiful mouth-watering masterpieces created on shows like “Cake Boss”, “Charm Cakes” and others. The creations improve year after year and one sometimes can not believe that underneath those incredible models is a ‘lump’ of sponge cake. Some of them even appear to be animated. These are artists expressing and displaying their talents.

You can learn how to incorporate awesome design elements into transforming any mundane baking into a creation to be admired by all. More importantly, it can be your very own creation and bring you a sense of fulfillment and pride. Learn how to craft those romantic Fondant Roses, realistic leaves and fruits to adorn an Anniversary Cake. You can make that Spaceship for your son’s birthday and Ken’s car for your daughter’s sleep-over.

Throughout our lives, we laugh, we cry…we eat cake!

Don’t just get a kick out of watching how Cake Boss makes these masterpieces but learn how they do it and experience the same enthusiasm and pleasure that they display. Besides starting a new hobby or putting extra joy into your cake-decorating hobby, you can amaze your friends with your new-found creativity. Become responsible for the physical manifestation of pure joy in your family – give them cake.

Just imagine being responsible for the cake decorating for all the functions which you attend in the next year. Weddings, birthdays, graduations and a host of other special occasions could all be centered on one of your creations. All celebrations could have one of your beautifully decorated and sculptured cakes as the centerpiece. If you have the desire to decorate cakes; go ahead and learn.

Take pleasure in delicious Barbecues Anytime with the Fire Magic Gas Grill

Take pleasure in delicious Barbecues Anytime with the Fire Magic Gas Grill

In this modern era, outdoor cooking has become a great hobby and a great way to relax and enjoy your off day. Our world is a very hectic world where most of us strive very hard in our professions for securing our future. Sometimes we even end up working 24×7 with barely anytime for even eating or sleeping to cater our work demands. And as expected stress has become our long lost friend and it has started to impact our lives. The competition in this globalization era has become quite high as there are several firms providing similar services or manufacturing same products for catering the requirements of millions of consumers. Understandably this places a great demand upon us and there isn’t anything much we could do about the same. The only way to get rid of the stress and rejuvenate ourselves is by either taking a vacation or wait for the weekends and make it as resourceful as possible. Even otherwise, many people after a long and tiring day would like to get back home, chill at their backyard with relaxing music, a chilled beer and enjoy their favorite meal. And they love to do so in their private time. Hence while building one’s home, it is very important for everyone to equally consider the backyard and have an outdoor kitchen and equipments plan, if they love to cook as an hobby.

Planning for the development of an outdoor kitchen is not an easy task. You’ll have to understand the functioning of your backyard, its features and the shortcomings in order to develop a versatile and comprehensive outdoor kitchen. You have to give as much importance as possible to your outdoor kitchen plan as you might give for your interior home decorations. And in order to do so, you need to understand your requirements and the functionality of your kitchen. Only then can you choose the necessary equipments for your kitchen. And today, most people are highly fitness conscious. The best way to enjoy your cooking experience and simultaneously follow a healthy routine or diet is by choosing built in stainless grill cooking system. This system features lesser fat cooking system. Just as much as the outdoor cooking experience is important for you, you ought to consider healthier means of lifestyle as well.

The fire magic gas grill features convenient set of operations or features. You are bound to enjoy effortless barbequing activity. All the features and settings are user friendly and thus almost anyone could operate them. Setting up these grills are also quite easy as all you need is efficient power supply and kitchen crockery’s, pans and other equipments for making your cooking experience a more versatile and comprehensive one.  With the latest technological features, all you need to do is set the time and temperature and the grill will do the grilling for you. This gas grill also adds flexibility to your cooking capacity. You can cook anytime and anywhere exclusively. The fire magic gas grill is integrated with special systems and functionalities that give you this additional flexibility. It is easy very easy to be transported and set up anywhere. That makes it all the more convenient for you.

And the technology does not interfere with the deliciousness and nutrients ingredients of the meat. While efficiently grilling for you, it also maintains the meat’s taste and nutrient value, giving you the best cooking experience, delicious meals anytime and anywhere.