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Order Maine Lobster to Cook Delicious Seafood Recipes

Order Maine Lobster to Cook Delicious Seafood Recipes

Are you looking forward to prepare some lip smacking preparations which would be loved by your guests? If you are wandering for any such delicious options, you can always have the opportunity to opt for the seafood recipes. It would be hard for someone to resist the wonderful taste of these sea creatures. Therefore, it would be a nice idea to buy some seafood items for preparing some lovely delectable preparations. Among these seafood items, Maine lobster can be considered as perfect option for your seafood dinner.

This yummy seafood item is originally found in the coastal regions of the Atlantic coast of the Northern America. You can distinctively separate these luscious seafood creatures by its huge shape and size. Generally, the Maine lobster is very famous among the seafood lovers due to its yummy taste. One can hardly deny taking a bite of this delicious sea creature. Therefore, once you are thinking of planning a seafood dinner for your friends and family, this special type of lobster will make your party memorable.

Whenever you are looking to cook some mouth-watering preparations of this Maine lobster, the main thing you should keep in mind that the lobster should remain alive when it is cooked. It is to be noted that this seafood begin to rot right after its death. Therefore, if you are planning to cook some lobster, it would be essential to find some live lobster.

While you are spending your time for finding the source of live Maine lobster, you should take the opportunity to place your order through the mode of internet. If you search the internet, it can be easily seen that there are various seafood dealers available in the market to offer you live lobster. The only thing you need to do is to assure of your delivery within the shortest period of time.

Once you have received your ordered Maine lobster at your doorstep, the first thing you can do is to place these eating delicacies right at the cooking pot. It would be better to cook this live lobster right away. However, if you cannot manage to cook it straight away, you should place these live creatures at the coldest spot of your freezer. It would be better if you can wrap them with a moist cloth which will help them to stay alive.

In short, you should opt for the Maine lobster which is considered to be the best seafood item among the seafood lovers around the world.

Live Lobster: cooking is amazing

Live Lobster: cooking is amazing

If the weather is a little warmer, then we will be getting ready for some fine cooking. This is the grilling of our favorite shrimp. This grilling really enhances the real flavor of the shrimp. The most favorite or sought after dish is shrimp kabobs. They are quite easy to make and this particular recipe calls for shelled and deveined shrimp. You could buy it like that or you can get a special vein removing tool. Some among us do not leave the shell on the shrimp when kabobs are made. But for the big ones, you could certainly do it. Place the shrimp on a bowl of ice cold water, while you get them into the skewers.

Many persons get a little squeamish about cooking a live lobster. Placing a live creature in boiling water is really is rally something a bit odd. The taste of a live lobster is really delicious and to some that is even nice than the frozen kind. When you will buy the lobster, ensure that they are alive and kicking, or moving their limbs. These creatures can even live for sometime outside water. Try to purchase it all of similar and equal sizes because large ones will be cooked rather, unevenly. They may not fit into the pan. It is very rich in Omega3 fatty acids, which is known as good cholesterol. It reduces the chances of heart diseases.

Italian pasta with the combination of shrimp really makes a great recipe. Pasta is never the main course of a meal. Two dishes are served, one by one, it is better known as the first course and the second course. This second is generally accompanied by a side dish of vegetables or meat and fish. Pasta dishes generally make a complete meal, especially if prepared with meat, chicken or seafood like shrimps. It will really make a grand combination. The greatest advantages of Pasta dishes are that it takes very little time to prepare.

Lobsters have a hard exterior; it is also spiny with large claws and beady eyes. Modern transportation has really turned live lobster as a favorite dish. Previously it was a poor man’s fare, fed to slaves and other lower classes. Some agricultural firms also used it as fertilizers. Gradually its popularity grew and it gradually transformed itself into the worlds most sought after dishes. The meat of the lobster is pure white and flecked with bright red pigment. As you bite it has a firm texture and it ‘pops’ in your mouth. The flair is a bit sweet. But the interesting is that it hardly needs much preparation and just with some melted butter it could be served deliciously. The only equipment you will need to cook is a large pot. Lobster meat is lower in calories, fat and also cholesterol than red meat or even chicken.

Cooking a Maine Lobster

Cooking a Maine Lobster

What these people do not realize is, Maine lobsters are easy to cook, and with a little bit of care, they can prepare a tasty dish that will thrill their friends and family.

Lobster meat will go bad relatively quickly after the lobster dies, so fresh lobster is sold alive. If you are not going to cook the lobster immediately after you get home, or you do not have an aquarium set up t keep it in, you should put it into the refrigerator. Lobsters can be kept out of the water in a refrigerated state for up to two days. When the temperature drops below a certain point the lobster will go into a state of hibernations, so you do not need to be worried about it crawling around the refrigerator. Keep it moist by wrapping it in some wet paper towels, and put it into the coldest part of your refrigerator. Make sure you keep it in the container you purchased it in, or place it in an open container. If you put it in an airtight container, the lobster will die.

When it comes time to cook your lobster, you need to decide how you are going to do it. While some people like to steam or grill their lobster, the quickest, easiest, and most popular method is to boil it. Simply fill a large pot with enough water to completely cover the lobster, add 1 tablespoon of salt for each quart of water, and bring it to a boil.

Leave the lobster in the refrigerator until the water is boiling and you are ready to begin cooking. If the lobster is in a hibernation state, you can drop it into the water without a fight. The boiling water will kill the lobster before it ever wakes up.

Boil the lobster for between until the shell turns a bright red color. The cooking time will vary depending on the size of the lobster. The internal temperature should be 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you do not want to deal with live lobsters, you can also purchase frozen lobster tails. Although many people feel that frozen tails loose some of the sweetness you get from cooking live lobsters, they are still delicious.

If you want to prepare a meal that will really impress people, consider adding fresh Maine lobster to the menu. You and your guests will be glad you did.