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History Of Candy

History Of Candy

Where it Came From

Candies were baroque during the olden days and are nothing like what we are used to seeing now. Also, chocolates have not been around until the mid-1800s. During the middle ages, only honey and molasses were used to sweeten nuts or fruits and those were already the first candies. And during the early days, only rich people were able to buy candies because they were so expensive. In comparison, we are very fortunate that candies come in a variety of selections to suit everyone’s taste and are even available for sale in bulk! It’s just one of the things that you need to keep in mind regarding candy! Back in the Middle Ages, it would have been unheard of to have so much sweet stuff in one place!

Through the years, candy has changed.

We already mentioned the candy bar in its almost current form above. Some candies were innovated first before others went to do the same thing. Take the M&M’s for example. These favorites were created as such to prevent them from melting so that they may be enjoyed even when it’s hot. Also these chocolates were made with regards to the military! (After all…with the island hopping campaigns, they probably weren’t seeing very much snow!) In fact, they were exclusively only for the consumption of the military during the World War II.

Still Here!

There are a few favorite candies that are still around. Chocolate is an example of a candy that will probably be around for good (which wasn’t really sweet when it was first discovered. How it ended up being made into candy when it started as a spicy thick drink is a mystery!), and even the candy corn. Furthermore, some of the candies that are still around today are actually products of ingenuity during the olden times! Nobody would have imagined they would last decades! When you read about the origin of candies, don’t sound too surprised if you hear extraordinary stories about them!


Another intriguing fact about candy bars are the ones that had to be delivered to your doorstep like the daily paper or milk. That’s right-that’s how our friend the Heath bar started out! Learning about your candy can be a lot of fun-and there are many great resources to check into to get the information that you crave! (No pun intended, of course.) These are just a few fun facts and trivia about your candy. Who knows-maybe you can find out something you didn’t know that absolutely fascinates you… we can only hope! Finally, just enjoy eating your yummy, absolutely delicious candy! Maybe you’ll even be prepared to pass your knowledge on! For those looking for a healthier snack but still a little sweet, I would suggest buying some wholesale dried fruits.

The History Of Ice Cream

The History Of Ice Cream

The history of ice cream begins a long, long time ago in a most beautiful place. The history of ice cream begins over 3,000 years ago in China. Lots of cool things were invented in China. Umbrellas, glasses and fireworks were all invented in China but the tastiest and coldest Chinese invention is snow ice cream. The Emperors of China were the first people, we know about who were lucky enough to get to eat snow ice cream. Their cooks mixed snow and ice from the mountains with fruit, wine and honey to make a tasty treat for their rulers to enjoy when they wanted to relax.

How the Romans came up with the idea of making snow ice cream we do not know. But what we do know is that in 62 A.D. the Roman Emperor Nero wanted to eat snow ice cream so badly he sent slaves up to the mountains to bring back snow and ice so his cooks could make it for him. Nero’s cooks mixed the ice and snow the slaves brought back with nectar, fruit and honey and then Nero ate it.

In 1295, Marco Polo, a great adventurer, returned from China to Italy with a new recipe for making snow ice cream. His recipe called for mixing yak milk into snow in order to make it creamy. The idea of mixing a mammal’s milk into snow ice cream caught on and soon the rich people of Italy were enjoying frozen milk.

In 1533, Catherine de Medici of Florence, Italy became the Queen of France when she married the French king, Henry II. One of the things she took with her when she moved from her home in Italy to her castle in France was her recipe for making frozen milk. Soon many of the cooks in France were making the delicious treat. One French chef opened a shop to sell the tasty treat. He was the first cook to add flavors like chocolate and strawberry to the frozen milk.

When Charles I of England visited France in the 1600s, he was served frozen milk. He loved it so much, he asked the French chef who served it to him to sell him the recipe. Charles I took the recipe back to England with him and the rich people of England began to eat the delicious cold dessert.

In 1700, Governor Bladen of Maryland, who was from England, served ice cream to his guests. Seventy-six years later, the first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City.

Dolly Madison, the president’s wife loved ice cream so much, she served it to her White House guests in 1812. In 1843, an American woman named Nancy Johnston invented the hand-cranked ice cream freezer, which made making ice cream easier. In 1851 Jacob Fussel opened the first ice cream factory in the United States of America in Baltimore, Maryland. He sold his ice cream from a wagon. In 1899, August Gaulin, who lived in France, invented the homogeniser. This invention helped give ice cream a really smooth texture. In 1902, August Gaulin invented a new kind of ice cream freezer that helped make ice cream freeze faster.

In 1903, Italo Marchiony, a man who sold ice cream from a pushcart he pushed through the streets of New York City, invented the ice cream cone and patented his idea. He invented the waffle cup because he was tired of people walking off with or breaking the glasses he used to serve ice cream from his pushcart.

A year later in 1904, E.A. Hamwi introduced the waffle cone at the St. Louis World Fair. People say he began making the waffle cones when an ice cream vendor at the fair ran out of bowls.

The closing of bars that sold wine and beer in 1919 led to the opening of many ice cream parlors in the United States. The more Americans ate ice cream the more they wanted to eat ice cream. This demand for ice cream led to the invention of the first chocolate covered ice cream bar. The first chocolate ice cream bar was called the I-Scream Bar but later its name was changed to the Eskimo Pie. You can buy an Eskimo pie at the grocery store if you want to find out what it tastes like. You can also buy a Good Humor Bar which was invented in 1920 and was the first ice cream sold on a stick. But if you’re like me, you’ll head to Baskin-Robbins, which first opened in 1946 in California, and buy a scoop of Cookies ‘N Cream which is made with real Oreo cookies. This ice cream flavor was invented in 1983. Others like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough have been invented since 1983 but Cookies ‘N Cream will always be my favorite. Of course, vanilla ice cream with honey on top is also very good. I’m so glad someone in China decided to mix snow and ice with honey and that now even poor people like me can afford to eat tasty frozen treats each and every day of the week.

History Of Ice Cream

History Of Ice Cream

For humans the first and foremost thing to live is food. No one can live without the food. In ancient time people ate food just for the requirement but as time pass away the need of food comes together with the taste of food. Just to fulfill the taste requirements many experiments has been taken place. One of the best inventions from experiment is Ice cream.

In the invention of ice cream Arabs play an important role cream since they began using sugar and syrup instead of honey. In the 10th century B.C., sweet ice cream flavored with fruits and nuts could be purchased in all the major cites of Arab. As the time spend Arabs also began adding milk to the ice-cream, making it more similar to the type of diary based ice-cream that is most well-known today.

Ice cream knocks the door of public or market in the 18th century when cream, milk and egg yolks began to be mixed with ices. Ice cream then traveled to the USA through colonists, and it began to be sold by confectioners in cities. The first ice cream Parlor in America opened up in 1776 in New York.

The story behind the invention of cream cone is also very interesting. After ice cream getting popular a person named Italo Marchiony used to sell ice cream on Wall Street from his cart but the problem is that, he used to sell ice cream in glass and people were broke it. After discover that many customers were breaking his serving glasses which cost him money. To drop his overhead costs, he invented edible waffle cups with sloping sides and a flat bottom. Hence, the ice cream cone started coming into being. He patented this idea in 1903.

In ancient time there was a problem for ice maker and that is how we can put ice cream for long time. But after invention of refrigerator problem gets solved. Ice cream gets more popular when the continuous process freezer was indented in 1926. This resulted in an explosion of parlors and stores selling ice cream all over the world and allowed for mass production.