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Healthy and Easy Chinese Food at Home

Healthy and Easy Chinese Food at Home

500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes is exactly what it proclaims to be – a guide to make great Chinese food that isn’t dripping in fat. Chef Nicholas Zhou is the author of the book, and has over 40 years of cooking experience and is now sharing his secrets with you.

What you get when you order 500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes is a very large amount of knowledge from Zhou. In it, you will learn how to cook popular dishes from four different areas in China: Cantonese, Beijing, Szechuwan, and Hunan. Each of these styles and regions have their own distinct taste and cooking techniques that Zhou will walk you through.

However, what Zhou promotes hardest is that his recipes cut down on the fat content from a Chinese restraint that you and I eat at. Most people think that eating out Chinese is healthy, but in reality, when you order Chinese, most often the food is deep fried and loaded with fat and calories. Zhou promotes cooking techniques such as braising, boiling, simmering, “flavor potting”, and smoking, along with others. In using these techniques, along with some traditional deep frying recipes, Zhou helps you cut back on your fat intake and makes a truly healthy eating experience.

What do you get when you order the cook book? First, you get over 500 recipes from Zhou himself. You also get a book written by Zhou for novice cookers, geared towards teaching you the multiple different Chinese cooking techniques as a free bonus. Also, as a free bonus, you get a 150 page glossary on Chinese cooking, giving you definitions of different terms, ingredients, and dishes that you will be making. Here is the best part, in my opinion. Zhou is going to continue to make upgrades to his books, and anytime he updates them with new recipes, he will send an email to people that bought the book with his new recipes.

All of this together costs a low price of $ 19.97…an amazing amount of knowledge and cooking expertise for that price. This is an excellent way for even the most novice of cookers to start making Chinese dishes at home, today.

A Study Says Taylor Swift Will Make Your Chinese Food Taste Better

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Professor Spence asked 700 volunteers to order takeout food and listen to specific songs from six different genres of music. The participants then rated the dishes on a scale of one to ten. Turns out that Chinese food goes best with a little Taylor …

Easy Gourmet Cooking

Easy Gourmet Cooking

So you want to turn out something fabulous for your next dinner party or sit-down family meal, but you’re without the highest culinary skills and the time to perfect them. Are there any cooking options besides frozen dinners, macaroni and cheese, or grilled cheese sandwiches? Is it possible to delight your family and guests with something that appears gourmet and effort-filled but that really requires little of your skills and time?

There is, in fact, something known as easy gourmet cooking. This concept is taking traditionally difficult, time-consuming recipes and culinary skills and adapting them to normal lifestyles. You can produce food that is both elegant and delicious in a shorter amount of time using cheaper ingredients and more common kitchen skills.

Take for example a traditional gourmet cheesecake. These types of recipes typically call for an inordinate amount of cream cheese and sour cream, a home-made crust, a special cheesecake pan, and plenty of time on your behalf to prepare such a delectable dessert. However, an easy gourmet version of this might call for less cream cheese and sour cream which saves you money. Secondarily, the cheesecake is poured into a store-bought graham crust which keeps you from having to make your own or purchase a cheesecake pan. Overall, the dessert is cheaper and easier to make but turns out beautifully and tastes nearly as good as a typical cheesecake.

The art of easy gourmet cooking involves finding those fancy recipes that aren’t so fancy at all. You’ve got to discover recipes that look as though a professional chef prepared it while in reality you got it together quite speedily. And not only do you want these easy gourmet dishes to look classy and high-end, but you also want them to taste so. You might be of the opinion that without the most expensive, high-quality ingredients you’ll never be able to achieve that gourmet taste. However, the truth of the matter is that with a good recipe and some every-day ingredients, you can make foods that taste just as delicious but are a lot simpler.