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Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Just hearing the words chocolate cupcakes makes your mouth start to water. There is no one kind of chocolate cake, the variety is endless. Different fillings, toppings and additional flavours contribute towards making a great cup cake. Of course the ingredients are the most important part towards making a great cupcake and not just a normal ‘cake’.


You can great chocolate cupcake from cocoa powder, but this is no where near as tasty as using ‘real’ chocolate. There are luxury varieties of cocoa powder, but they still don’t match up to the real thing.

There are many varieties of chocolate the most popular being dark chocolate. Even if your not a fan of dark chocolate, the bitterness is taken away using the other ingredients, giving a rich taste. Cooking chocolate is very often used for it is specialised for the job, but Belgian is always a favourite. Belgian chocolate cupcakes have a much richer flavour and you can taste the luxury ingredients.

To make your cup cakes extra special you can use muscovado sugar. This has a stronger flavour and compliments a cocoa flavour. Cream can also be added to some recipes and even liqueur.

Types & Flavours

There is far more to the cupcake than just a flavour. Chocolate can have many hints added to it for a start. For example orange, mint, fudge, strawberry, lemon, brandy and coffee. These could be added to the mixture itself or as a topping.

Icing is an easy way to add that extra flavour or colour. It can also make you cupcakes look more tempting and luxurious. There are some great examples of chocolate cupcakes around to give you inspiration and ideas. Some types of icing include frosting, butter cream, fondant, fudge and glace icing. Extra decoration such as sugar curls and shapes give that extra special trust.

You can also add extras through fillings. Chocolate chips being a widely used solution in all varieties including white and milk. Truffle fillings are little more different, where you add double cream and brandy to the inside of the mixture. You can also take on mini versions of cakes such as Victoria sandwich and fudge cake. They are perfect for parties, or when you need a variety for many people. Some people even use them for wedding cakes!

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

Hallowe’en is approaching and all the youngsters are waiting to dress up like monsters, ghostly ghouls and witches. These chocolate Halloween cupcakes will be exactly the thing when it concerns satisfying those small monsters, ghostly ghouls and witches hungry stomachs. You may bake them a day earlier and store them in a cookie tin, or bake them on the same day. If your little monsters prefer to help they could be your extra hands in the kitchen. Let’s get producing these tasty chocolate cupcakes.


– For the cupcakes

12 paper cases

280g/10oz butter, softened

280g/10oz golden caster sugar

200g/7oz self-raising flour

1 rounded tbsp cocoa powder

6 medium eggs

– For the topping

200g/7oz butter, softened

280g/10z icing sugar, sifted

12 sugar halloween decorations


For the cupcakes

1 – Preheat oven to 190 C/Gas 5/fan oven 170 C.

2 – Line a 12-cup muffin tin with brown muffin cases.

3 – Crack the eggs into a large bowl and beat lightly with a fork

4 – Place all the other ingredients into the bowl

5 – Beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy

6 – Spoon into the cases, almost filling them to the top.

7 – Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until risen and spongy.

8 – Cool on a rack.

For the topping

1 – Beat the butter and icing sugar until smooth

2 – Spread a layer of icing over each cake

3 – Then add your sugar Halloween decorations on top

Takes 45minutes, plus cooling down (unless the little ones are helping :) – Makes 12


• These chocolate cupcakes are themed by applying sugar Halloween decorations. This implies that you are able to apply this simple chocolate cupcake recipe for whatever occasion you desire. Merely by adding the relevant sugar decoration will make the cupcakes appeal to any occasion.

• Try adding a few drops of flavouring to the cupcake mix, like vanilla, orange or even mint.

Happy Eating.