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Ideas For Decorating Cupcakes

Ideas For Decorating Cupcakes

A cupcake straight from the oven would be too plain to serve. Even those being served would consider it bland just by looking at it. But with the addition of a little color and decoration, it transforms into real eye candy and one can assume it is delicious without actually tasting it. Cupcake decoration is an easy and fun task to do. You can use as many shapes and designs on your cupcakes as you wish. When musing over what cupcake decorating ideas to use, consider the theme of the occasion. Are the cupcakes part of birthday celebrations, baby shower, Christmas or other holiday celebration? Or are you making them for the kids to enjoy during the lovely summer weather?

There are themes to go with each celebration so base your decoration ideas on that. For example, a summer rose would be an appropriate theme during the summer. For the kids, superman is great! Snowman, Santa Claus, elf shapes and fairies would make perfect Christmas cupcake decorations. A theme makes it easy to choose the shapes and colors to work with. You will use sugar icing to make your cake decorations. Follow the given sugar icing recipe carefully in order to get the consistency right. It should be creamy and not runny, in order to stick to the cake. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made sugar icing from department stores.

Equipment you will need to make your work perfect includes a frosting spatula, icing bags, icing tips, toothpicks and foil or greaseproof paper. A frosting spatula ensures that the icing is spread evenly. Buy icing tips of different shapes – stars, leaves, shells, roses, v-shaped, round-shaped ones and any other shapes you can find.

Shape the different decorations using the sugar icing mixture on the foil. This is where the icing tips come in handy. Petal shaped tips will help you shape the flower and bows; round ones will help you write letters and numbers. Let the decorations dry then paint on any additional details you want to feature in your decorations. Toothpicks work well for this. Your cupcake decorations are now ready to use!

Spread the icing or frosting on the cakes. You can also use pre-made fondant. This does not have to be in plain color. Add food coloring to give it some color before spreading it on the cupcakes. Then take your decorations and stick them onto the icing. They stick very well on butter cream icing. Now your cupcakes are ready to show off to your friends!

As you perfect the art of cake decoration, you can slowly incorporate more complex shapes, such as fondant flowers – daffodils, mushrooms and sunflowers among others. Some more cupcake decorating ideas you can try out include falling flowers where you shape a stalk and petal and place it on the cupcake top, so that the stalk lies on the icing and the petal falls to the side. Cover the top with more petals in different colors. You can also paint the faces and names of your guests on the cupcakes. Present each guest with the corresponding cupcake that has their name and face! They will feel special.

Candy Recipes for Coconut Snowmen Candy

Candy Recipes for Coconut Snowmen Candy

Candy recipes

This specific type is one of the most common candy recipes. It normally for Christmas and it is usually chewy & soft candy paste that is made from coconut. It is normally rolled into small adorable snow men that have a carrot nose. The recipe is as follows:


4 oz of cream cheese (softened to room temperature)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 cups of powdered sugar
½ cup of powdered milk
1 ½ cups of shredded coconut (divide use)
¼ teaspoon of salt
½ cup of white chocolate chips/ candy coating
30 back gum drops/ black raspberry candies
30 orange mints like Tic-Tacs1 up stick pretzels
¼ cup of chocolate chips



Place the vanilla and cream cheese in the electric mixer. Mix them on medium speed until the mixture is entirely soft and smooth.
Add 2 cups of powdered sugar and mix them on low speed until the sugar is properly incorporated. Stop the mixture to add the remaining powdered mixture. Continue mixing until the mixture is just right.
Scrape everything off the bowl then add 1 cup of coconut & the salt. Turn the mixer to a low speed and mix until the candy is well mixed and homogenous. Check the texture of the candy to ensure that it is just right and can be worked on with ease. Add more powdered sugar if necessary to get the right texture.
Add the remaining ½ cup of shredded coconut in another bowl nearby. Begin to roll the candy in small balls and roll each one in the coconut ball once it is properly formed. Keep the snowman’s head approximately ½ inches wide, with the middle part slightly larger & the bottom a little less than 1 inch wide. This will ensure that the snowman balances and you are able to make about 30 of them with the mixture.
Melt the white chocolate chips (or candy coating) in the microwave. This will be used as glue to hold the snowmen together. Take the orange mint and dip it into the ‘glue’ then press firmly into the middle to represent the nose. Repeat the same procedure with the other faces until all snowmen have noses.
Use a toothpick to pour a little white chocolate on the black gumdrops (or black berry candies) at the bottom. Press it on top of the snowmen’s heads to represent the hats. Repeat until all snowmen have hats.
Next, assemble the bodies by dipping the heads into the white chocolate and pressing them to the bodies. This step will ensure that you have a complete body of a snowman. Repeat procedure for all of them.
Take a pretzel stick and break it in half. Dip it in the ‘glue’ and press each half on the sides of the snowman to represent the arms. Repeat this procedure until all of the snowmen have arms.
Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave & use a toothpick to give the snowmen eyes & buttons.

10.  Store the coconut snowmen in an airtight container for 1 week at room temperature.



Cake Baking Tins, A Baking Essential

Cake Baking Tins, A Baking Essential

Sumptuous, yummy and tantalizing cakes are widely made for celebrating special occasions. Everybody likes to have a piece or more of cake in the party and one can’t stop the kids! There are many shapes, flavors and designs of cakes available in the market and one can step into the bakery and select the favorite design. Eating cakes becomes more memorable if it’s prepared in the house in front of our eyes and by one of our loved one. Making a cake following a recipe is pretty simple but the tough time starts when one tries to bake a cake. Here comes the role rather a very important role of cake baking equipment or cake baking supplies. For baking a cake you require cake baking tins.

These baking tools make your work much easier and are available in various shapes and sizes to better suit your cake baking purpose. These cake baking apparatus are made of tin and is manufactured from varied substance like aluminum, silicon and stainless steel. The main purpose behind using these bakeware sets is to accomplish those desired carvings for making perfectly shaped cakes. More importantly these tins help in determining the size and shape of the cake. Not only the size of the cake depends on the tin but also the duration of the baking process is partly dependent on the type of tins.

These baking tools differentiate you from a normal baker to a more organized and specialized one. It is essential for the home owners to use baking tins while attempting to make or bake cakes at home. The cake tins are used for every conceivable type of cake and the large ones are designed to get the best out of your cake making. The one type which is the most used is the disposable baking tins.

Types of cake tins:
With many different types of cakes there are numerous types of tins available in the market. Here is a look at different types of cake baking tins which makes the whole process a lot easier.

1. Deep Shaped Cake Tins: These are used to bake thick and tall cakes. With these types of tin a major problem faced is it becomes tricky to remove the cake from the tin after the cake is cooked. To deal with this problem variations are made in this particular type which feature loose bottoms. The deep cake tins with removable or loose bottoms are a recent innovation in cake pans which helps getting the cake out of the tin very easily.

2. Sandwich Cake Tin: This particular type of cake tin is even much shallower as compared to the deep cake tins. This type is also known as the layer pans because it’s for baking layered cakes. With two separate layers in the sandwich cake tins, one can simultaneously bake two cakes in one tin.

3. Themed Cake Tins: These themed tins are just fun to work with and especially are just favorite among kids. These types of tins are used to spice up the party and chance the overall look of the cake. There are various shapes and designs available in the market and online stores of these themed tins. Some of the most liked tins are Number cake tins, Heart cake tins and Novelty cake tins.

Creative baking from Kalispell Public School Central Kitchen

Creative baking also comes in handy with the abundance of crops from the central kitchen garden, which has produced 400 pounds of produce. This doesn't mean the baked goods have lost their sweet element. Bronson said they have cut back on white …

Cake Decorating Approaches

Cake Decorating Approaches


While cake decor can be done using a small set of tools, keeping the right device for the right job is needed. I’m confident you’ve seen the example millions of times during the way keeping the proper application helps make the work so much easier. Effectively, with dessert adorning it’s no different. The best cake decorating tools is not going to save plenty of occasion performing unique responsibilities they will actually assist you make a much more expert item. Through this information I will review all very reputable tools you can supply yourself together with in addition to what you is going to do for you personally. Let me suppose you by now can certainly create dessert and also have the regular tools like machines, beaters, spatulas, etc… 
Food Turner
This specific beyond doubt is going decrease as a have to have product. A professional rank cake turn table really should be dependable enough to manage bulkier muffins together with more substantial sections nevertheless change sleek and also easily. One particular with a major certain base Chance to find the because the fat will give you a good stable system to operate from. Getting in any respect sides of your respective brownies as the working away at them is perfectly any conviction.
Pastry Bags/Accessories
It is an additional must have device for anybody within the meal design organization. There are various dimensions bags that you should get however a large several a lot more items which really should be looked over using the totes. This is a Pastry Handbag Help along with Topping Carrier Appears, while filling your hand bags it may be really sloppy, that has a pastry bag service it will permit you to fill and also top off carriers easily in conjunction with keep countertop neat and tidy. Icing Carrier Scarves are generally an execllent tiny accessory that doesn’t merely inhibits doggy messes but also continues the frostings fresh new longer.  
Plastic Cushion
Anyone that worked as a chef using fondant understands precisely how hard it could be occasionally. Positioning this particular yoga exercise mat over the kitchen counter or maybe stand can provide the non-stick exterior to use in addition to creates cleaning quick and also painless. These kinds of pads will also be an alternate way to arranged sizzling objects on as they possibly can resist temps nearly 400 degrees. Some of these are very neat because they have even calculating parts in it for various sort of cake crusts but if your running one particular out anyone won’t should imagine how big it should be.
Feeling Mats
Most of these yoga mats provide you with the power to quickly enlighten different types about easily. You’ll find several different types as you’re able think of, these all created from some sort of non-stick silicon product like the Plastic sparring floor already stated. These cake decorating tools usually are costly via dots, swirls, paisleys, shapes to combining in concert to create your initial layout you can’t have sufficient these.
Imprinter Models
Like the yoga mats that you wrap around in order to imprint, there are pieces that you can have that except time imaginable; minds, creatures, types, alphabets, figures, etc… it’s endless with imprinting equipment the creativity is the restrict I’ve discovered individuals employing diet coke package lids, forks, wedding bands, also a telephone. While starting a superb starting fixed will be advised.
Plastic Molds
Yet again, having molds for your great pearl jewelry, or even basics, help make your task far more easy compared to back in the day trying to conduit these people correctly. The simple to push out a silicone allows you to create flawlessness with not a wide range of thrown away occasion. Most of these molds tend to be numerous seeing that whatever else as part of your toolbox you’ll never have to a lot of. 
Sugar Guidelines
These are the outlet units with the cake decorating tools. Distinct dimensions with some other shapes enable you to build whatever your mind can certainly visualize. You will possess your preferred right after moment, nevertheless even to commence you’ll require a big selection of those. 
Being aware of these materials will probably improve your current adorning and assist you offer an even more excellent product or service. Minus the suitable cake decorating tools you’re making your livelihood much more difficult and time intensive. All of us didn’t refer to some of the various other stuff you ought also however I think this provides you a great starting to operate off. Bear in mind, time period is actually dollars which instruments will save you many period.

Shipping Frozen Food

Shipping Frozen Food

What are the special considerations for an online retailer selling frozen food products online?

The frozen food order fulfillment process is made up of many steps, but there are two factors that apply to dealing with food products. First, the location you choose to store and pack your shipments needs to be food grade, which means it meets certain standards for cleanliness and pest control. The facility is periodically inspected to make sure those standards are upheld. Second, you need to consider if there are there any requirements related to the temperature in the order fulfillment facility that need to be considered while the products are stored and also when they are shipped.

From a storing and handling perspective, the main consideration is of course that the requirements for maintaining a food grade facility need to be adhered to where ever the food products are warehoused. Frozen food products will likely have expiration or best used by dates so it is important to manage the inventory to make sure product is still fresh and usable. The FIFO (first in first out) method of managing inventory generally makes the most sense for food products. Frozen products obviously need more care and temperature control during warehousing. Keeping frozen food very cold, and well, frozen is clearly important, but more subtle requirements such as controlling humidity and ambient temperature are also necessary factors to monitor and maintain.

Making the right preparations for shipping frozen food products is a challenge but it is not impossible. There are many sources for locating stock, or custom made packaging to be used when packing and shipping frozen food (or any other type of cold item for that matter). Cooler “Kits” that contain a styro foam cooler and snug fitting cardboard carton are most likely the best option and one can be found easily for most applications.  Items packed in the box, along with ice, frozen packs, or dry ice can be kept safely frozen for up to forty eight hours during shipping under a range of conditions (think hot summer and cold winter). It is obvious that some level of expedited delivery, preferably overnight needs to be used to make sure product gets delivered on time. However, keep in mind, UPS and FedEx offer Ground service that provides next day delivery to locations within a pretty good size range of where you may be shipping from. Sometimes there is no need to pay for overnight or even 2nd day delivery when ground service will suffice – the cost savings will be significant. Just check out your carrier’s service matrix to know for sure.


Are You Frozen?

Are You Frozen?

In an economic downturn, we are all like deer on a dark and windy road. Some of us see approaching headlights and instinctively know to leap into the woods. Unfortunately, others of us freeze. Unable to go left or right; we think that wherever we leap to will be worse than our current position. I certainly don’t need to elaborate on what happens to the deer on the road that freezes.

If you’re one prone to frozen panics in tough financial times, you need to embrace some logic. Just like the deer in the headlights, you will be doomed to a painful demise unless you take a leap. When times are challenging, being coward and indecisive can be fatal business mistakes. Alternatively being bold, creative, and quick-thinking can not only help you weather through challenges, it can propel you to leap ahead of your competition that is still stuck in the middle of the road waiting to be hit.

Take Action

Start by resolving yourself to do something. Join a new networking group, discover a new promotional opportunity, or learn a new way to market yourself online – just do something!

Stay Visible

It’s natural to feel a little blue when business is slow, but don’t let the blahs turn you into an office recluse. Detaching yourself from customers and prospects only helps them to forget you and notice your competitors. Get your name out there any way that you can. Make calls, send emails, write articles for trade publications, start a newsletter, send out a press release, and attend any events where you can reach out to others.

Don’t Cut Your Marketing Efforts

Companies often make the knee-jerk decision to cut spending on marketing and promotions during a slowdown. What a big mistake! This is the time to communicate your message and offer a value proposition that will resonate with your market. Inevitably, you will have competitors that scale back their marketing out of sheer financial necessity. Take advantage of the less crowded playing field and shout to your customers that you’re still going strong when times are tough.

Keep Positive

Everything in business is cyclical. It may seem like this economy is taking an incredibly long time to turn itself around. However, new opportunities and more business will be there for the taking if you can hang in there and maintain your ability to think fast and keep moving.

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

Hallowe’en is approaching and all the youngsters are waiting to dress up like monsters, ghostly ghouls and witches. These chocolate Halloween cupcakes will be exactly the thing when it concerns satisfying those small monsters, ghostly ghouls and witches hungry stomachs. You may bake them a day earlier and store them in a cookie tin, or bake them on the same day. If your little monsters prefer to help they could be your extra hands in the kitchen. Let’s get producing these tasty chocolate cupcakes.


– For the cupcakes

12 paper cases

280g/10oz butter, softened

280g/10oz golden caster sugar

200g/7oz self-raising flour

1 rounded tbsp cocoa powder

6 medium eggs

– For the topping

200g/7oz butter, softened

280g/10z icing sugar, sifted

12 sugar halloween decorations


For the cupcakes

1 – Preheat oven to 190 C/Gas 5/fan oven 170 C.

2 – Line a 12-cup muffin tin with brown muffin cases.

3 – Crack the eggs into a large bowl and beat lightly with a fork

4 – Place all the other ingredients into the bowl

5 – Beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy

6 – Spoon into the cases, almost filling them to the top.

7 – Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until risen and spongy.

8 – Cool on a rack.

For the topping

1 – Beat the butter and icing sugar until smooth

2 – Spread a layer of icing over each cake

3 – Then add your sugar Halloween decorations on top

Takes 45minutes, plus cooling down (unless the little ones are helping :) – Makes 12


• These chocolate cupcakes are themed by applying sugar Halloween decorations. This implies that you are able to apply this simple chocolate cupcake recipe for whatever occasion you desire. Merely by adding the relevant sugar decoration will make the cupcakes appeal to any occasion.

• Try adding a few drops of flavouring to the cupcake mix, like vanilla, orange or even mint.

Happy Eating.

Cake Decorating ? The Magic of Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating ? The Magic of Cake Decorating

Cake decorators are not born; you too can learn how to decorate a cake like the professionals. Have you ever watched Cake Decorating shows on TV and had that “walking into a home smelling of freshly baked goodies feeling”?

“Cake Decorating Is An Art…And You Are The Artist.”

An Expression of Art
Even if you have never decorated a cake, I am sure that you appreciate and enjoy some of the beautiful mouth-watering masterpieces created on shows like “Cake Boss”, “Charm Cakes” and others. The creations improve year after year and one sometimes can not believe that underneath those incredible models is a ‘lump’ of sponge cake. Some of them even appear to be animated. These are artists expressing and displaying their talents.

You can learn how to incorporate awesome design elements into transforming any mundane baking into a creation to be admired by all. More importantly, it can be your very own creation and bring you a sense of fulfillment and pride. Learn how to craft those romantic Fondant Roses, realistic leaves and fruits to adorn an Anniversary Cake. You can make that Spaceship for your son’s birthday and Ken’s car for your daughter’s sleep-over.

Throughout our lives, we laugh, we cry…we eat cake!

Don’t just get a kick out of watching how Cake Boss makes these masterpieces but learn how they do it and experience the same enthusiasm and pleasure that they display. Besides starting a new hobby or putting extra joy into your cake-decorating hobby, you can amaze your friends with your new-found creativity. Become responsible for the physical manifestation of pure joy in your family – give them cake.

Just imagine being responsible for the cake decorating for all the functions which you attend in the next year. Weddings, birthdays, graduations and a host of other special occasions could all be centered on one of your creations. All celebrations could have one of your beautifully decorated and sculptured cakes as the centerpiece. If you have the desire to decorate cakes; go ahead and learn.

Baking a pizza

Baking a pizza

There are many times when you’re alone you don’t have anything to eat and we all know how annoying that can be. If you are also in a similar moment jut now, then you will need to get a homemade pizza recipe and start baking it. If you have an internet connection, you will easily find one. There are a lot of Pizza Recipes online and if you don’t want to pick one that is hard to bake or doesn’t explain completely what you need to do, you should read this article. The recipe we attend today is enough for making 2 big pizzas.

Personally, I should tell you that when I first made this pizza, I was a little insecure in regards to the ingredients and I thought that I would ruin them all, but I guess that I was lucky and in the end I got to be successful with it. I know you will feel a little bad for you need to leave it for one hour, but hey, at least you’re making something to eat. If you will find that the mixture is too wet, then add more flour to it. Let’s see.

Strong plan white flour: eight ounces of
Salt: one teaspoon
Yeast: one and a half teaspoons
Hand hot water: three-four ounces
Sugar: a quarter teaspoon
Eggs: one
Olive oil: one teaspoon
Passata or tomato puree & cheese and a topping of your choice.

How to cook:
Put yeast and sugar into a basin and then whisk them. Leave that as it is for like 15 minutes. Then, you need to sift the flour and the salt and pour them in the yeast, while also adding the egg. Make sure that it’s beaten before. Then, have it mixed to a dough and if need be, you should add more water.

Knead everything for 10 minutes. Then, you will need to transfer it to a bowl and then put the teaspoon of oil on your hands and mix it with the dough. After this, have everything covered with cling film and let it rest like that in a hot place for one hour. Then, when it’s ready, knead the dough for 5 minutes before you will have it rolled out.

The next step is to consider the topping for your pizza and after that, let it cook in the oven pre-heated at 220 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Make sure to visit us if you would like to know more about Pizza Recipes and homemade pizza recipe

How to get over your fear of baking

Think of me as a baking evangelist. If I could don a mini-toque and wander the world Pied Piper style, whisk in hand, preaching the gospel of joyful baking, I would. I love everything about baking, and I want everyone else to have the fun and …

The History Of Ice Cream

The History Of Ice Cream

The history of ice cream begins a long, long time ago in a most beautiful place. The history of ice cream begins over 3,000 years ago in China. Lots of cool things were invented in China. Umbrellas, glasses and fireworks were all invented in China but the tastiest and coldest Chinese invention is snow ice cream. The Emperors of China were the first people, we know about who were lucky enough to get to eat snow ice cream. Their cooks mixed snow and ice from the mountains with fruit, wine and honey to make a tasty treat for their rulers to enjoy when they wanted to relax.

How the Romans came up with the idea of making snow ice cream we do not know. But what we do know is that in 62 A.D. the Roman Emperor Nero wanted to eat snow ice cream so badly he sent slaves up to the mountains to bring back snow and ice so his cooks could make it for him. Nero’s cooks mixed the ice and snow the slaves brought back with nectar, fruit and honey and then Nero ate it.

In 1295, Marco Polo, a great adventurer, returned from China to Italy with a new recipe for making snow ice cream. His recipe called for mixing yak milk into snow in order to make it creamy. The idea of mixing a mammal’s milk into snow ice cream caught on and soon the rich people of Italy were enjoying frozen milk.

In 1533, Catherine de Medici of Florence, Italy became the Queen of France when she married the French king, Henry II. One of the things she took with her when she moved from her home in Italy to her castle in France was her recipe for making frozen milk. Soon many of the cooks in France were making the delicious treat. One French chef opened a shop to sell the tasty treat. He was the first cook to add flavors like chocolate and strawberry to the frozen milk.

When Charles I of England visited France in the 1600s, he was served frozen milk. He loved it so much, he asked the French chef who served it to him to sell him the recipe. Charles I took the recipe back to England with him and the rich people of England began to eat the delicious cold dessert.

In 1700, Governor Bladen of Maryland, who was from England, served ice cream to his guests. Seventy-six years later, the first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City.

Dolly Madison, the president’s wife loved ice cream so much, she served it to her White House guests in 1812. In 1843, an American woman named Nancy Johnston invented the hand-cranked ice cream freezer, which made making ice cream easier. In 1851 Jacob Fussel opened the first ice cream factory in the United States of America in Baltimore, Maryland. He sold his ice cream from a wagon. In 1899, August Gaulin, who lived in France, invented the homogeniser. This invention helped give ice cream a really smooth texture. In 1902, August Gaulin invented a new kind of ice cream freezer that helped make ice cream freeze faster.

In 1903, Italo Marchiony, a man who sold ice cream from a pushcart he pushed through the streets of New York City, invented the ice cream cone and patented his idea. He invented the waffle cup because he was tired of people walking off with or breaking the glasses he used to serve ice cream from his pushcart.

A year later in 1904, E.A. Hamwi introduced the waffle cone at the St. Louis World Fair. People say he began making the waffle cones when an ice cream vendor at the fair ran out of bowls.

The closing of bars that sold wine and beer in 1919 led to the opening of many ice cream parlors in the United States. The more Americans ate ice cream the more they wanted to eat ice cream. This demand for ice cream led to the invention of the first chocolate covered ice cream bar. The first chocolate ice cream bar was called the I-Scream Bar but later its name was changed to the Eskimo Pie. You can buy an Eskimo pie at the grocery store if you want to find out what it tastes like. You can also buy a Good Humor Bar which was invented in 1920 and was the first ice cream sold on a stick. But if you’re like me, you’ll head to Baskin-Robbins, which first opened in 1946 in California, and buy a scoop of Cookies ‘N Cream which is made with real Oreo cookies. This ice cream flavor was invented in 1983. Others like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough have been invented since 1983 but Cookies ‘N Cream will always be my favorite. Of course, vanilla ice cream with honey on top is also very good. I’m so glad someone in China decided to mix snow and ice with honey and that now even poor people like me can afford to eat tasty frozen treats each and every day of the week.