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Enjoy These Prescription HCG Desserts

Enjoy These Prescription HCG Desserts

The very low calorie diet (VLCD) Prescription HCG is a program that helps you to lose weight by following a strict 500 calorie per day limit.  Dieters participating in the Prescription HCG program will have a list of specific foods he/she can consume, and as you would expect, sweets are limited.  The following are top favorites of Prescription HCG desserts that are made with ingredients approved by the weight loss authorities in the program.

If you are a participant in the Prescription HCG, you should take advantage of the online support given by the program.  There are great tools and resources at the Prescription HCG website, such as the eCookbook with Prescription HCG desserts and other appropriate recipes.  You should not be overwhelmed with a 500 calorie diet, and in order to help empower you to lose weight, the eCookbook offers many different flavors of recipes.  Steaks, vegetables, chicken, and Prescription HCG desserts are all included as easy to read recipes.  It is believed that you will conclude the program feeling satisfied and pleased with your results.

The following Prescription HCG desserts are approved and the original recipes are included in the eCookbook.

1.  Recipe 1 of sample Prescription HCG desserts:  Fresh Strawberry Shortcake – one serving

Ingredients to purchase: plain melba toast; two (2) drops of vanilla creme flavor Stevia; sliced strawberries

Instructions to follow: Add one drop of Stevia to the Melba toast; Slice up the strawberries; place the freshly sliced strawberries along the toast in a layer; add one more drop of Stevia.  You are finished. This is thought to be one of the easiest and most delicious Prescription HCG desserts to make and enjoy.

2.  Prescription HCG Desserts: Strawberries and Cream (1 serving)

Ingredients to buy: strawberries;1 tablespoon milk; 2-4 drops of vanilla creme Stevia;1 packet of dry Stevia

Directions:  gently slice the strawberries and place in a small mixing bowl; add the tablespoon of milk and two types of Stevia; toss the entire mixture and serve fresh.  This is another sample of Prescription HCG desserts that people love to make and enjoy.

3. Prescription HCG desserts Orange and Strawberry Smoothie (1 serving)

Purchase:  frozen strawberries or fresh – 1 cup; Orange juice – 1/3 cup and 1/3 peeled orange; crushed ice to fill blender; vanilla Stevia; optional addition – spinach leaves.

Instructions to follow: Place the ingredients into the blender; turn it on.  Turn the blender off when the concoction is blended purely and smooth; pour it into the appropriate sized cup and serve immediately.

The Prescription HCG diet program is full of Prescription HCG desserts as well as other healthy, colorful, flavorful recipes.  Join the diet today and begin to plan menus using the eCookbook and other online tools.  Do not let the number 500 calories make you nervous, instead lose those pounds and enjoy doing so.  If you are worried, then also use the online communications tools where you can discuss your fears with others who are in the program currently or who have successfully completed the program.  You can ask them questions and get other recipes for sweets and menu items.

Healthy Holiday Desserts: 11 Recipes That Are Perfect For The Christmas Dinner

It's that time of year again, when chocolates and decadent desserts abound, and you can hide underneath bulky layers of sweaters and coats. But here's the great thing: If you're trying to lose weight or at least eat reasonably healthy, the winter …

History Of Candy

History Of Candy

Where it Came From

Candies were baroque during the olden days and are nothing like what we are used to seeing now. Also, chocolates have not been around until the mid-1800s. During the middle ages, only honey and molasses were used to sweeten nuts or fruits and those were already the first candies. And during the early days, only rich people were able to buy candies because they were so expensive. In comparison, we are very fortunate that candies come in a variety of selections to suit everyone’s taste and are even available for sale in bulk! It’s just one of the things that you need to keep in mind regarding candy! Back in the Middle Ages, it would have been unheard of to have so much sweet stuff in one place!

Through the years, candy has changed.

We already mentioned the candy bar in its almost current form above. Some candies were innovated first before others went to do the same thing. Take the M&M’s for example. These favorites were created as such to prevent them from melting so that they may be enjoyed even when it’s hot. Also these chocolates were made with regards to the military! (After all…with the island hopping campaigns, they probably weren’t seeing very much snow!) In fact, they were exclusively only for the consumption of the military during the World War II.

Still Here!

There are a few favorite candies that are still around. Chocolate is an example of a candy that will probably be around for good (which wasn’t really sweet when it was first discovered. How it ended up being made into candy when it started as a spicy thick drink is a mystery!), and even the candy corn. Furthermore, some of the candies that are still around today are actually products of ingenuity during the olden times! Nobody would have imagined they would last decades! When you read about the origin of candies, don’t sound too surprised if you hear extraordinary stories about them!


Another intriguing fact about candy bars are the ones that had to be delivered to your doorstep like the daily paper or milk. That’s right-that’s how our friend the Heath bar started out! Learning about your candy can be a lot of fun-and there are many great resources to check into to get the information that you crave! (No pun intended, of course.) These are just a few fun facts and trivia about your candy. Who knows-maybe you can find out something you didn’t know that absolutely fascinates you… we can only hope! Finally, just enjoy eating your yummy, absolutely delicious candy! Maybe you’ll even be prepared to pass your knowledge on! For those looking for a healthier snack but still a little sweet, I would suggest buying some wholesale dried fruits.

Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Just hearing the words chocolate cupcakes makes your mouth start to water. There is no one kind of chocolate cake, the variety is endless. Different fillings, toppings and additional flavours contribute towards making a great cup cake. Of course the ingredients are the most important part towards making a great cupcake and not just a normal ‘cake’.


You can great chocolate cupcake from cocoa powder, but this is no where near as tasty as using ‘real’ chocolate. There are luxury varieties of cocoa powder, but they still don’t match up to the real thing.

There are many varieties of chocolate the most popular being dark chocolate. Even if your not a fan of dark chocolate, the bitterness is taken away using the other ingredients, giving a rich taste. Cooking chocolate is very often used for it is specialised for the job, but Belgian is always a favourite. Belgian chocolate cupcakes have a much richer flavour and you can taste the luxury ingredients.

To make your cup cakes extra special you can use muscovado sugar. This has a stronger flavour and compliments a cocoa flavour. Cream can also be added to some recipes and even liqueur.

Types & Flavours

There is far more to the cupcake than just a flavour. Chocolate can have many hints added to it for a start. For example orange, mint, fudge, strawberry, lemon, brandy and coffee. These could be added to the mixture itself or as a topping.

Icing is an easy way to add that extra flavour or colour. It can also make you cupcakes look more tempting and luxurious. There are some great examples of chocolate cupcakes around to give you inspiration and ideas. Some types of icing include frosting, butter cream, fondant, fudge and glace icing. Extra decoration such as sugar curls and shapes give that extra special trust.

You can also add extras through fillings. Chocolate chips being a widely used solution in all varieties including white and milk. Truffle fillings are little more different, where you add double cream and brandy to the inside of the mixture. You can also take on mini versions of cakes such as Victoria sandwich and fudge cake. They are perfect for parties, or when you need a variety for many people. Some people even use them for wedding cakes!

FAQs About Frozen Meat

FAQs About Frozen Meat

In the hotel industry, it is nearly impossible to get fresh meat everyday, which is why the need for frozen meat arises. Frozen lamb meat or any meat product for that matter is an indispensible part of any restaurant, hotel, and other food outlets. When it comes to handling frozen beef or poultry products, there are a few questions that might arise in your mind. Here are a few FAQs that will unveil the answers to those long pondered questions!

• Is frozen seafood completely free of bacteria?

It cannot be assured that frozen meat products are completely free of bacteria. Yes, freezing certainly hinders the growth of bacteria, but does not kill bacteria.

• Can defrosted meat or poultry products be refrozen?

Defrosted meat can be refrozen only if it is cooked. Otherwise, there will be a drop in quality every time you refreeze defrosted meat products. The texture will also be affected as refreezing will cause ice crystals, which in turn will result in bleeding of the meat. The chances of microbial attack are also high.

• Why should meat be taken out of the plastic bag before being stored in the freezer?

Meat tends to sweat when wrapped in plastic. So, it is recommended to empty the pack contents into a non-plastic dish and cover with a foil so that there is enough air flow.

• How long can frozen seafood or meat products be stored?

The storage time for frozen foods varies with the size of the food item. This is because freezing dries the food item, which means smaller food items tend to dry out soon. For instance, frozen mince can be stored for up to 3 months, whereas roasts can be stored for up to 6 months. In case, frozen food is stored beyond the recommended time, the food will still remain safe to eat, but it will be dry.

• What is the shelf life of vacuum packed meat?

Vacuum packaging removes all air and so there are very minimal chances of microbial growth. This is why vacuum packed meat has a longer shelf life when compared to fresh meat. Since there is no air, vacuum packed meat will be in purple color. However, the meat will get back its red color when it is unwrapped from the package. Vacuum packaging also results in the development of harmless confinement odor.

With all your queries regarding meat handling and storage clarified, if you’re looking for reliable frozen meat suppliers, then your search ends here – Firstclass Foods. This wholesale distributor is one of the best frozen meat suppliers offering quality frozen lamb meat, seafood, poultry products, and much more at inexpensive prices.

Cake Decorating Courses

Cake Decorating Courses

Several people are there in our society, who would like to take cake decorating courses in order to become either professionals or to learn it just as a hobby. Cake decoration is a magnificent art of giving mouth watering and delightful appeal to the cake. Some designs are sometimes so fabulous and elegant that they attract the attention of everyone in the party. Hence, if you have decided to learn some of the best decorating courses, then here you will get to know about all of them.

In New South Wales, there are two lovely cake decorating courses. One is of Iced Affairs, which is a leading provider of creative products to all over the world and personalized services of cake supplies, as well as tutorials on decorations. The course levels are intermediate as well as advanced courses. The cake decorating techniques includes cake sculpting, Piping, Rolled fondant, Cake writing and Royal icing. Sugar craft techniques like character modeling and sugar craft flowers. In New South Wales, there are other creative cake decorating courses which are offered by Sharon Wee Creations in Sydney. They offer introductory and intermediate courses.

In Queensland, there is another excellent cake decorating course which is offered by Contemporary cakes in Daisy hill. This offers remarkable courses for beginners, intermediate, advanced and also for kids to enjoy the exceptional designs of cakes. The cake decorating techniques includes Airbrushing, cake sculpting, Chocolate, Gum paste, Piping, Fondant, Rolled Fondant, Cake writing, Cake painting and royal icing. Many techniques in sugar craft as well as in cake sculpting are offered by Contemporary cakes.

In Tasmania, cake woman offers a range of techniques and skills in teaching diverse range of cake decorating courses. In this Cathy is the cake woman who started her cake workshops to share her passion. The course levels are for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Techniques include rolled fondant as well as sugar craft.

Complete wedding cakes courses in Victoria offer a wide variety of cake decorating techniques which include Butter cream, Cake sculpting, Chocolate, piping, rolled fondant and cake painting. This vivacious course offers sugar craft techniques such as character modeling and sugar craft flowers. The classes are help 2 hours a week during each school term for a period of eight weeks.

In Western Australia, wild sugar rose has started its first series of the workshop on cake decorating courses after much request. This is a widely famous cake shop which will teach you different types of frosting techniques as well as decorating techniques. They have started offering with cup cakes and for introductory classes.

There are some online sites which offer full resources on cake decorations as well as mind blowing techniques along with tools. Out of these so many sites, Yummy Arts are the one which offers a full range of resources on cake decorations. There are many videos, which Yummy Arts have in store for beginners as well as the intermediates. The instructors of this online cake decorating courses are available for full-time support through email, and they offer handy tips to keep your skills evolving along with the time.

In United Kingdom, Wilton cake decorating courses are much famous amongst the enthusiastic learners of cake decorations. Wilton runs various programs, schools and workshops on cake decoration. There are many creative and innovative techniques which includes sunflower, Fondant Scarecrow, Gum paste mum, using a fondant, Stephanotis, Shaggy mum, Rose topper, Baby cake topper and Candy swag.

With these all mentioned above cake decorating courses, it is quite clear that you can get many in your local city or place. Select the right one after proper scrutiny. After all, money also matters along with the quality of classes you will receive.

Cupcakes Recipes For Kids

Cupcakes Recipes For Kids

Cupcakes, especially those made for kids are a very delicate thing to prepare. Kids like sweet tasting and good looking things. Kids love good looking things mixed with colors and so forth. It is very important to keep this in mind when preparing cup cakes for children and the negative reaction by the kids should not surprise you should you neglect to consider them. On top of the appealing look, kids are also attracted to cup cakes because of the fact that they can hold the cake in one hand and thus theyre able to move around with it as they show it off to their friends. Do not be surprised that a child will resort to doing this as it is in their nature. With that in mind, you can go ahead and develop fancy cup cakes but ensure that they retain the small size that cupcakes are known for.

If you plan to prepare cup cakes for kids, ensure that you have a bright mood and are willing to play around with colors and various other funky designs. We do know of various cup cakes that are just plain brown, which is the color they have when they are just out of the oven. Baking plain brown cup cakes for kids might not be the best idea. Its just that theyll do so in a dull mood as they dont bring any kind of excitement to them. With the presence of coloring, icing, slices of chocolate here and there will greatly help to brighten their spirits. Ideally, a cup cake is baked just like any other cake; in terms of temperature and so forth. Of course they have their special muffin tins but other than that, the baking routine is the same.

Before you can begin the frosting process, it is advisable to let the cup cakes cool down first once you take them out of the oven. Try your best to hold the cup cake on its lower part when icing so that you dont dent it. Should you decide to use juicy fruit for the decorations; it is a good thing to place the fruit a little while before you serve the cup cakes. This is important so that you ensure that the color does not bleed into the frosting. Preparation of cup cakes meant for kids requires a lot of creativity. We all know that kids are amused by the smallest of funny things. So when you place a tiny icing soldier, flower design, small car and so forth, they are bound to be very amused. Tiny fruit slices, chocolate, little princess designs and so forth will leave them very excited and theyll always be talking about the cup cakes they ate at your place.

Fudge-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

After the cupcakes bake and cool completely, they get stuffed with homemade hot fudge sauce. I used the same hot fudge to top this No-Bake S'mores Cheesecake. My hot fudge recipe is easy to make and easy to eat <—I'm not kidding about that last part.

Cake Decorating Classes

Cake Decorating Classes

Interest in cake decorating classes is on the rise. Magazines are filled with glossy pictures of frosted cupcakes and custom-designed wedding cakes. Whether you are a home baker, working in the culinary industry, or yearning for a business sideline, a cake decorating course may be an excellent investment.

As a hobby, cake decorating is a unique creative outlet. You work with colors, shapes, and textures; and bring pleasure to celebrations with family and friends.

Many home bakers bring much love and talent to their projects, but struggle with basics, such as evenly spreading frosting and using an icing bag. Others have basic skills, but are dying to feel more confident creating different types of icings, borders, and flowers.

A beginner’s cake decorating class is a perfect way to get started, fill in knowledge gaps, find out about the best tools and ingredients, and get step-by-step instructions on how to create professional-looking desserts. You’ll learn time-saving tips, current fashions, and connect with other people with a passion for learning cake decorating techniques.

Advanced classes are useful for professionals and experienced enthusiasts. As an experienced decorator you may want to strengthen your skills, learn new techniques, or collect some new cake decorating ideas and tips.

Traditional techniques continue to be popular, but new fashions and methods are also entering the scene. Current trends include:

wedding cakes assembled with cupcakes;
cakes molded and decorated as popular cartoon figures and movie stars;
airbrushed designs; and
edible ink photo transfers.

Taking classes is a way to tune into these and other current trends.

Some advanced courses offer a certificate, which can boost your credentials when you are trying to impress potential employers and customers. Some certificates are recognized by local or national culinary associations.

Taking cake decorating classes is a great way to start or develop a business. You can learn ways to:

successfully market your creations;
discover a lucrative niche–such as custom-designed wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake sculptures, or ethnic delicacies;
decide who your customers will be–for example you could cater to business events, large social events, or bake for small local parties.

There is a variety of cake decorating classes to choose from. Classes are offered by large arts and craft stores, food craft stores, small local cake shops, high schools, community centers, community colleges, and private culinary schools. You can choose from one-day workshops, a series of weekend seminars, night courses, and full-time training.

An online course is also a viable option. Improvements in video technology make online courses very easy to use. Online courses offer step-by-step video instructions. You can repeat all or part of a video as often as you need while you practice in your kitchen. Online education also offers flexibility–you can study at any time, any day, in your own home.

Frozen Shoulder | Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder | Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder can be very painful and can cause immobility to the shoulder joint. The medical term for this is adhesive capsulitis. Inflammation and scarring of the capsule around the shoulder joint can cause frozen shoulder. This scarring is also known as adhesions.

It is important to get a proper diagnosis of frozen shoulder. An injury to the shoulder and arthritis can have the frozen shoulder symptoms. Consulting your physician is the first step to getting the right diagnosis. The physician will begin by manipulating the affected shoulder. If diagnosis is not sure, he will order an X-ray. Then if the X-ray is not clear, an MRI may be done. This is usually done by injecting dye into the affected shoulder to see exactly where the problem is.

Common signs and symptoms

Intense pain in the deltoid region
Pain may radiate down the arm
Pain is worse with shoulder motion (especially external rotation)
Pain is better with rest
Pain is worse at night and often disturbs sleep
May have associated pain in the upper back and neck
Guarded shoulder movements
Difficulty reaching behind the back
Reduced arm swing with walking
Those affected typically hold the arm close against the body
Rounded shoulders and stooped posture
Muscle spasms
Trigger points in the upper trap muscle

During the first treatment, getting her to come onto the table was difficult since I didn’t have a step stool available at the time so I lifted her onto it. The first set of needles that went in the right shoulder was inserted into the local points and ashi points. Then I inserted needles into Zu San Li (ST-36), San Yin Jiao (SP-6), and Rang Gu (KID-2) for the qi and yin vacuity that was related to her Parkinson’s. Next I used direct moxibustion on Qi Hai (CV-6) to help treat her fatigue using three cones.

Also I manipulated the needles by hand using the reduction method to release the stagnated proteins her right shoulder and using the supplementation method to address the metabolic vacuities. After thirty minutes of needle retention and manipulation, I took out the needles and used pole moxibustion over her right shoulder. However, I used it in a way that was only taught to me by one my big influencing teachers. I took a paper towel, draped it over the right shoulder (the deltoid), and started tapping the lit end of the moxa pole onto the paper towel. This technique (which is not taught in TCM schools in the US) is much more powerful because the heat from the moxa penetrates deep to the tissues. The last part of the treatment involved tui na (medical massage) onto the shoulder.

This approach I used was the same approach I used in the other treatments that followed with a few modifications such as needle-head moxa over the right shoulder. After her first session was over, Mrs. Patel felt like her vitality had returned back. We continued treatment four more times. After she left my office after our first session with her niece, I noticed that Mrs. Patel was no longer walking like a frail, ill woman. She was walking like a twenty year old.

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I was worried thinking that the next time I’d see her she would be back to square one. However, when she came for her second session, she was walking the same way as she did after her first session. She did feel some level of trepidation walking up and down a flight of stairs. Despite that, she was still walking smoothly. After our last session together on August 21st, Mrs. Patel’s could now lift her right arm to a one-hundred and twenty degree angle. That showed tremendous amount of improvement than when I saw her for her first session. Unfortunately, with the constraints of time, we couldn’t see each other anymore since she had to leave for London the next day. Before Mrs. Patel left, I gave her the name of an acupuncturist and a herbalist in London.

Frozen Smartphone?

Frozen Smartphone?

Just how bad is the winter cold for your Smartphone? First of all, lithium ion batteries dont like extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Verizon Wireless recommends you keep your battery fully charged in case of emergency.

Frozen Smartphone?

Cold temperatures can run down the phones battery charge more quickly, according to Verizon Wireless. Use a car charger to keep the phones charge if you get stranded or stuck in traffic on icy or snowy roads. Think about an extra battery as backup. That being said, a great place to buy an spare battery or car charger inexpensively is, where they have a full 1 Year Warranty on all products sold.

Touchscreens can become brittle in extreme cold. One suggestion by Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily, is that mobile devices should be kept in an inside jacket pocket, using your body heat to keep them warm. If you have tried to use your touchscreen phone outside in the chilly weather, you have discovered that wearing gloves doesnt work. There are gloves especially made with removable fingertip covers. The finger flaps fold back and either Velcro or button back while you use your fingertips. These work well for texting or sliding the touchscreen to select apps. Another invention are small discs called Digits, which you pin to your glove fingers so you can tap away at your touchscreen without removing the gloves. Digits are mini-pins made of conductive silicone, with a metal pin on the back for attaching to your glove and can be purchased for as little as $ 13.99 for a four-pack. In Korea they have come up with another solution. (It is verrrry cold in the winter in Korea.) They apparently use frozen sausages as fingers to tap their touchscreens. Somehow this seems like a greasy way to go.

The nose knows. There is a new app out there called NoseDial, which lets you dial your iPhone with your nose. It even has adjustable sized screen keys so you can match your nose size. And all this for just 99 cents. Say what? I keep picturing a cold, red runny nose, and shudder.

Be creative. Knit a little cell phone cozy. Apparently it is all the rage at colleges, where they even knit the initial of their school on the front. You can find a little cell phone cozy pattern at Gritty Knits. Have you found it difficult to use your Smartphone in cold weather? Do you have a creative idea for keeping your cell phone safe and warm?

Restaurant Ice Cream Copycat Recipes

Restaurant Ice Cream Copycat Recipes

 Ice cream can be traced back to the Early Roman Empire. Nero (A.D. 37-68) ordered ice cream topped with fresh fruits.  Concoctions of ices, sherbets and milk were served  in Italian and French royal courts. Ice Cream was brought from Europe to the America’s. In 1776 the first American ice cream parlor opened in New York City. The term “ice cream” was introduced by American colonists. Ice cream was served to White House guests by President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson.


In 1832 Augustus Jackson created recipes for making ice cream. In 1846 created and patented a hand-cranked freezer. This hand cranked freezer established  ice cream methods used today.


Free Restaurant Copycat Ice Cream Recipes from two of famous American Restaurants.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Dairy Queen Ice Cream


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Inc.. The first store opened in 1978. The company manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. Ben and Jerry’s is know for its unique creative ice cream flavor combinations. An Old Tradition, each year on the company’s anniversary  free cone one scoop are served. One of their best selling flavors is Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.


Ben and Jerry’s Copycat Cherry Garcia Ice Cream



-¼ cup shaved semisweet chocolate bars

-¼ cup fresh Bing cherries, halved and pitted (you may use canned cherries, but be sure to drain the syrup)

-2 large eggs

-¾ cup granulated sugar

-2 cups heavy or whipping cream

-1 cup milk


-Place the shaved chocolate flakes and the cherries in separate bowls. Cover and refrigerate.

-Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1 to 2 minutes.

-Whisk in the sugar, a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended, about 1 minute more. –Pour in the cream and milk and whisk to blend.

-Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer’s instructions.


After the ice cream stiffens (about 2 minutes before it is done), add the chocolate and the cherries, then continue freezing until the ice cream is ready.

Provided: America’s Secret Recipes


Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Copycat Recipes



-4 oz unsweetened chocolate

-1 cup milk

-2 large eggs

-1 cup sugar

-1 cup heavy or whipping cream

-1 tspn vanilla

-1 pinch salt


-Gradually whisk in the milk and heat, stirring constantly, until smooth.

-Remove from the heat and let cool.

-Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1-2 minutes.

-Whisk in the sugar, a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended, about 1 minute more.

-Add the cream, vanilla and salt and whisk to blend.

-Pour the chocolate mixture into the cream mixture and blend. Cover and refrigerate until cold, about 1-3 hours, depending on your refrigerator.


Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Provided by: America’s Secret Recipes-Copycat Recipe



Dairy Queen Copycat Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe



– 2 envelopes knox gelatin

– 1/2 cup cold water

– 4 cups whole milk

– 2 cups sugar

– 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

3 cups cream



1. Soak Knox gelatine in cold water.

2. Heat milk, but do not boil.

3. Remove from heat, and add gelatine, sugar, vanilla extract and salt.

4. Cool and add cream.

5. Chill 5 to 6 hours.

6. Pour into a 4 to 6-quart ice cream freezer can.

7. Process as per manufacturer’s instructions

Makes: 16 servings