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Hero Sandwich

Hero Sandwich

Power, pain, problems and persistence those four ingredients comprise the ultimate hero sandwich that life will serve you.  Layered between ultimate power and total persistence lies pain and problems. With each bite you will experience the bitter taste of pain as you inhale the stinging aroma of problems. It is one of those things that is served on life menu, a meal  most of would love to forgo.

 However it is a classic dish that is served to us humans and when consumed correctly it can actually make us strong. The first tendency is to try and toss aside the pain and spit out the problem as you consume only the goodness of bread. That in itself is a struggle in futility because the pain and problem is melted into the bread , soaked in the juices of time until they become one.  You see power and persistence are only activated by  pain and problems.  You have problems and pain you need the power and the persistence to over come. You were designed to not only survive, but also thrive on this ultimate Hero Sandwich.

If you dissect the anatomy of this sandwich, you will find that the  raw and pungent sharpness of pain can be a much needed catalyst  for change. The hard to chew slices of problems causes the mind to work on over drive searching for solutions. The sweet aroma of persistence and the delicious flavor of power makes it all palatable.

The other item on the menu ,that you can choose instead  is soup of the day. It is a murky concoction of pain and problems , no power or persistence added. Perfect for those who enjoy unlimited sympathy, no solutions, and the theatrical and dramatic effects that whining and repeating tales of woe often brings.

Life is not a pain free problem less situation, instead it is a power packed adventure, filled with solutions and the abilities to preserve through all trials and test.

It the sandwich or devour the soup it is your choice.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2011


This is dedicated to all of those who chose to contend and not bury their heads in the sand. Stand strong, be courage and never give up.

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It begins with the bread — an often-overlooked aspect of sandwich design, it brings condiments and meats together. For Giorgio Angelini, managing partner of Bunk Sandwiches (740 Driggs Avenue; 347-763-0434), bread is not only an introduction to a …

Cooking Games For Girls

Cooking Games For Girls

One of the most popular pastime games of young girls is a cooking game. We all remember how we enjoy playing with plastic pots and stoves with our neighbor friends. Now, you can have more fun and more exciting recipes to cook, bake and create in these awesome cooking games for girls online.

It has been every little girls instinct to imitate their mothers. Aside from dressing up and dolls, these cute ladies love to hit the kitchen and act as if they are cooking a scrumptious meal for their family as what their moms do. But of course, they are not allowed to play the big pots. They might get burned in accident or they might drop it. Moms just give their daughters a kitchen set wherein their child and their friends could play cooking games.

Online cooking games are slowly becoming a fad amongst kids and the kids at heart. Compared to playing with toy pots, pans and stoves, these games give better and more adventurous options for you. If you have the passion for cooking, you would certainly enjoy these games.

There are also competitive cooking games wherein you could compete with other players. You could become a professional chef in Chef Gordon Ramseys Hell Kitchen. You could show your virtual skills as a chef in a time pressured kitchen as if in game shows.

In some games, you are given free credits to start your virtual restaurant, bakeshop, pizza house, bar or fast-food restaurant. Pretend to be a pastry chef and bake and create your very own pastry masterpiece. Youre your dream wedding cake or design your fantasy birthday cake. If youre a pizza lover, practice baking your own and experiment with different toppings. You could play with pepperoni, cheese, bacon, veggies and others.

Or, you could be a fry cook instead and prepare scrumptious burgers and fries for a virtual fast-food restaurant. Sell your own version of apple pies and cheeseburgers. Cook your own version of pasta. You literally can go wild with your menu.

The best part is earning points and leveling up. You could get cool cooking equipments that would help you create magnificent menus. You will be able to unlock more ingredients for appetizers, main course and desserts. In some online cooking games, you would be able to expand your restaurant.

There are so many things that you could do. And you will be able to unlock more of these exciting updates and upgrades each and every time. But what makes it so addictive is its click and drag quality. You will not have a hard time playing these games at all. No wonder kids of all ages have fun playing these games. All you need to have is a reliable mouse.

There are other versions of these online cooking games wherein you can learn actual recipes that you could use in the kitchen. It is educational and fun as well. Who would have thought a simple online game would be able to teach them such knowledge in cooking? Definitely, theres no reason for not being addicted in these games.

Lynn Schlueter shares tips for preparing wild game in the field and the kitchen

Wild Game Cooking
"The best thing to go with your cooking is a bunch of good friends—those folks that will eat the food, look you in the eye and say what they are thinking—then get up and go back for another helping without asking. Now that is a real compliment …

Order Maine Lobster to Cook Delicious Seafood Recipes

Order Maine Lobster to Cook Delicious Seafood Recipes

Are you looking forward to prepare some lip smacking preparations which would be loved by your guests? If you are wandering for any such delicious options, you can always have the opportunity to opt for the seafood recipes. It would be hard for someone to resist the wonderful taste of these sea creatures. Therefore, it would be a nice idea to buy some seafood items for preparing some lovely delectable preparations. Among these seafood items, Maine lobster can be considered as perfect option for your seafood dinner.

This yummy seafood item is originally found in the coastal regions of the Atlantic coast of the Northern America. You can distinctively separate these luscious seafood creatures by its huge shape and size. Generally, the Maine lobster is very famous among the seafood lovers due to its yummy taste. One can hardly deny taking a bite of this delicious sea creature. Therefore, once you are thinking of planning a seafood dinner for your friends and family, this special type of lobster will make your party memorable.

Whenever you are looking to cook some mouth-watering preparations of this Maine lobster, the main thing you should keep in mind that the lobster should remain alive when it is cooked. It is to be noted that this seafood begin to rot right after its death. Therefore, if you are planning to cook some lobster, it would be essential to find some live lobster.

While you are spending your time for finding the source of live Maine lobster, you should take the opportunity to place your order through the mode of internet. If you search the internet, it can be easily seen that there are various seafood dealers available in the market to offer you live lobster. The only thing you need to do is to assure of your delivery within the shortest period of time.

Once you have received your ordered Maine lobster at your doorstep, the first thing you can do is to place these eating delicacies right at the cooking pot. It would be better to cook this live lobster right away. However, if you cannot manage to cook it straight away, you should place these live creatures at the coldest spot of your freezer. It would be better if you can wrap them with a moist cloth which will help them to stay alive.

In short, you should opt for the Maine lobster which is considered to be the best seafood item among the seafood lovers around the world.

Australian Seafood Oprah Loves it!

Australian Seafood Oprah Loves it!

Australian Seafood Oprah Loves it!

Australian has some of the world’s best local Seafood. Curtis Stone cooked Oprah a BBQ Seafood delight on Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island.

Oprah is a name known across the world. She represents strength, beauty and character. During her Australian Tour late 2010, she attracted many well known celebrities to promote Australia and all it has to offer.

Curtis Stone, a well known Australian Chef joined Oprah on Hamilton Island, Whitehaven Beach cooking a beach BBQ and seafood delight for almost 100 guests. Hamilton Island is a beautiful and glamorous Queensland destination, with the best of Queensland Seafood Produce. Together they enjoyed a fun afternoon on the beach with friends and great food.

If you have seen the footage, you will have seen a purpose built ice bar and a diverse and abundant range of local Seafood; king prawns, oysters, lobster, red claw crayfish and lobster. This really set my tastebuds is overdrive with the quality, presentation and appreciation that went into cooking with fresh local produce.

In reality, it really does take a team of experts to organise and coordinate a spectacle of this proportion. For most of us around the world, we don’t need such extravagance. We simply want to buy and cook great seafood for us and our friends and family. Unfortunately we all can’t have a personal chef like Curtis Stone.

If you are having your own weekend getaway or a party at home, you can wow your guests with a beautiful meal including fresh prawns, oysters and fish. Buying fresh will save you time and money, and may not even require you to do any cooking!

Condiments and sauces are a great idea when serving seafood. They give such a great presentation and really give the visual appeal. Lemons and limes give a great colour when next to prawns, and look fabulous when placed on ice; so simple, yet so effective.

A beautiful sauce will finish off your seafood; try a homemade Seafood Sauce or homemade Mayonnaise with a touch of lemon, tomato sauce and Worcestershire Sauce. Cream can be substituted with mayonnaise if you prefer. Once you have learnt how to make Mayonnaise you may buy it again, as it offers such a rich thick creamy taste and texture.

Enjoy your local seafood as did Oprah on her Australian Tour!

Tips For Cooking Chicken In The Oven

Tips For Cooking Chicken In The Oven

Oven-baked whole chicken is budget-friendly and an impressive party dish that requires very little work. You could serve baked chicken for a reception dinner choice or at an engagement or bridal shower party. It is also a good all-purpose dish for both bridal partners to know once they enter married life. Follow these simple tips and your oven-cooked chicken will turn out perfectly every time.

If the chicken is frozen, thaw under cool running water for several hours, or ideally, thaw in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. On cooking day, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and take the chicken out of the fridge. Place in the sink. Remove any wrappings and reach inside the cavity to pull out the neck, heart, and other organs that may be there. Wash all under cool running water and pat dry with paper towels. Place chicken on a plate and clean your hands and work surfaces immediately. Rub whole chicken with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and season with one of these combinations: poultry seasoning and black pepper; paprika, salt, and pepper; lemon-pepper seasoning and salt; oregano, basil, and garlic; rosemary and tarragon; or any seasoning blend you like.

For beer-can chicken:
Open a fresh can of beer and drink (or pour out) about 3/4 of it. Holding the chicken in one hand, angle it slightly and ease the beer can into the chicken’s cavity. Carefully stand the chicken up so that it is supported and upright on top of the can. Put can and chicken, standing up, onto a roasting pan or cast-iron skillet. Bake for 1.5 to 2 hours.

For roast chicken:
Cut up potatoes, carrots, and onions into 1-inch cubes. Place in the bottom of a roasting pan. Place chicken, breast-side up, on top of the bed of vegetables. Roast 1.5 to 2 hours.

For baked chicken:
Place chicken, breast side down, into a roasting pan. Bake in 350* oven for 60 minutes. Remove from oven and carefully turn the chicken breast side up and place back in the oven for at least 30 more minutes. This method will help the breast remain moist and tender.

For all methods, the chicken is done when the chicken registers 165 degrees on an internal meat thermometer at the deepest part of the breast and in the leg near the bone.

Remove chicken (and vegetables, if using) from roasting pan, and pour off all but 3 tablespoons of juices. Put roasting pan or cast-iron skillet on your stove and heat over medium-high heat. Pour 2 cups of wine, chicken broth, or water into pan and deglaze. Scrape bits of chicken off the bottom and sides of pan and season sauce with salt and pepper to taste. Cook the sauce at a simmer until it has reduced by at least half. Serve over chicken. Enjoy!

This method may take a little time to master, but once you’ve run through it a few times you will have mastered an easy method of cooking. Chicken may also be roasted in a crock pot or baked in a casserole, but there is nothing juicier and more flavorful than a chicken roasted the old-fashioned way in the oven.

Barbie Cooking Games

Barbie Cooking Games

Have you ever watched kids sitting in front of the TV? Or enjoying on a games console or surfing the internet. The one thing that will become apparent is the actual fact that they are not enjoying, but really reacting to the knowledge they absorb. Granted such trendy spare time activities have some advantages but they are doing not type any part of active interaction. Barbie cooking games can fulfill the need for this valuable academic and emotional component of a Childs’ development.
Do you bear in mind enjoying together with your folks or serving to them with something? It had been a nice type of interaction, where you learnt one thing new and you were appreciated for your contribution. If you probably did not have the opportunity to try to to this together with your parent, imagine the sense of achievement you’d have by giving your kid the chance to have such a positive experience. This game will be a great means to provide you and your child the possibility to boost your relationship and educate your kid on might different levels.
The tutorial benefits of taking part in with Barbie cooking games are numerous.
Interaction skills:
Your kid can learn to concentrate to and follow directions and supply feedback and gain confidence in expressing their own ideas.
Coordination skills:
Your child will learn about handling and using completely different types of utensils and therefore improve their hand eye coordination.
This can be a nice method for your kids to express their creativity and make things that they want to. This will provide them confidence in themselves.
Your child will be taught important lessons related to nutrition through this game and therefore the value of eating recent food.
This list is not exhaustive, however what’s sure is that by using Barbie cooking games you will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship with your kid and assist in their emotional education and development.
In the present financial climate where everyone is looking to become a lot of prudent with their money, sometimes we tend to feel we tend to have to chop back on children’s activities like going out or the value of frequently buying new DVDs or console games. With Barbie cooking games you’ll be able to achieve these goals, as they provide an activity that’s cost effective, utilizes some time effectively and can be used many times, with a distinctive expertise each time.

Developing The Habit Of Using Leftovers

Developing The Habit Of Using Leftovers

Many people put together food storage for their families to ensure that they will have food during rough times, whether it is caused by loss of employment or caused by a natural disaster. When rough times hit, they key to making sure that your family has enough food, despite your storage, is effectively using and reusing your leftovers.

The less food you waste, the longer the storage you have will last. There are several things you may want to keep in mind as you put away leftovers to use in the future.

The first thing you will want to make sure you do after a meal is divide whatever is left over into several plastic containers. It is better to divide the meals into several smaller containers rather than one large container because it will allow it to cool faster.

In addition, it will be easier to pull out and heat up for a single person for lunch. You will not want to reheat the whole dish every time one person wants to eat it because that will make the rest of the leftovers more dried out and less tasty.

Instead it is generally much better to only heat up the portion that you need. This way you will be less likely to throw away the leftovers because it tastes bad.

Of course, it is important to make sure that the containers you are using for this task can be thrown in the freezer or the microwave. If you decide that you have too many leftovers to eat, you will want to throw some of them in the freezer so that it will not go bad before you can eat it.

In addition, it is simply more convenient to be able to take out a serving of leftovers, throw it in the microwave and go. It will be tempting to do this with containers that are not made for the microwave, but this could be bad for your health as the plastic could release chemicals into the food.

By using microwave containers you will also be saving yourself time and effort because you will only have to clean one dish. If you stored it in a non-microwave safe container, you would have to put the food on a plate which would result in one more dish that you would have to wash.

Another thing you should consider doing is covering the food with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will trap the moisture and encourage the meal to cook evenly.

Plastic wrap can also prevent the meal from splattering all over your microwave. This will save you time as you will not have to clean up the mess later.

If possible, it is best to leave an inch of space between the meal and the wrap. In addition, it is best to leave a small corner open for venting.

Even if the container is microwaveable, you should make sure that you follow the instructions in regard to heating it. When you pull the leftovers out of the microwave, you will want to open it carefully with the opening away from you.

While the item was cooking, a lot of steam probably built up inside. As a result, it is important that you open it with the opening away from you so that you do not accidentally burn yourself when the steam is released.

If you are reheating a large meal for your family, you will want to make sure that you do it in a round or oval pan. This will help make sure that the meal cooks evenly.

The corners tend to become overcooked when you reheat large amounts of food on square or rectangular plates. If you heated a plastic tray or other container that came with the original meal with the food again, you will want to make sure that you throw it away.

Most of these things should only be used once. It is important to read the label so that you do not allow harmful contaminants to enter the meals and pose a threat to your family.

As using leftovers become more convenient, it will be more appealing to use leftovers. Of course, as you develop this habit you will be able to make your storage that you will use go even further.

This could be critical in a hard time when you have a limited food supply. It is also important to build up your food storage, but combining it with use of your leftovers can make it go much further.

Cooking Games For Girls

Cooking Games For Girls

Now’s the time to invest in All-Clad and update your cookware collection with All-Clad’s First Ever LTD2 Sale. Save up to 30% on select pieces through October 15, 2010. As the second generation of LTD, All-Clad LTD2 is the only hard-anodized cookware that is dishwasher safe. Current prices reflect savings.

All-Clad Cookware Set:

This set provides all the basics to get cooking right away. Everything from breakfast favorites to a 3-course dinner can be achieved with these key pieces. LTD2 is the second generation of hard-anodized LTD cookware from All-Clad. LTD2’s patented exterior coating makes it the only permanently dishwasher safe hard-anodized cookware available today. Dramatic satin black appearance resists stains and abrasions. Five-ply construction means five alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum for unsurpassed heat responsiveness and even cooking. Suitable for use on all stovetops, except induction. Bonded and formed in Canonsburg, PA, from U.S. stainless steel and aluminum for heirloom quality. Lifetime warranty.

# Patented coating makes LTD2 permanently dishwasher safe (except non-stick pieces).
# Superior five-ply technology for unsurpassed heat responsiveness.
# Revolutionary exterior coating technology provides satin black appearance and resists stains and abrasions.
# Unique handle design stays cool while cooking.
# Stainless steel handle, rivets and lid.
# Surgical-grade stainless steel interior will not react with foods.

Set includes:
# 8-in. Fry Pan
# 10-in. Fry Pan
# 2-qt. Covered Sauce Pan
# 3-qt. Covered Saute Pan
# 8-qt. Covered Stockpot

(Item #233364) w28

Product Characteristics:
Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel, Hard-Anodized Aluminum
Size: 8-pc.
Origin: United States
Cleaning & Care: Clean in dishwasher or handwash with fine-powder cleanser.
Warranty: Lifetime
Le Creuset’s stoneware bakeware are truly All-in-One dishes that you can use for baking, slicing, serving and storage. These beautiful pieces with their bold classic colors, make an impressive presentation.
The legendary KitchenAid? Artisan Series? Stand Mixer is incredibly versatile. With all the available attachments, you can use it to make homemade pasta, stuff fresh sausage, whip up ice cream and give fruit a squeeze. No wonder generations of cooks have cherished theirs.
Accessories Include:
# Pouring Shield
# Dough Hook
# Flat Beater
# Wire Whip

# 10-speed slide control ranges from a very fast whip to a very slow stir
# Power hub for additional attachments
# Unique planetary mixing action of 67 points
# Polished stainless steel bowl features a comfortable handle
# 5-qt. bowl yields up to 4.5 bread loaves, 9 dozen cookies or 7 pounds of mashed potatoes

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Wild Game Cooking
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How to Detect Good Leftovers

How to Detect Good Leftovers

Certainly, practising frugality is never going to be outdated. In fact, it is the coolest thing a mum could do for her family. Never mind twitching eyebrows and tightwad calling as long as the family saves money. However, there are some points when frugality becomes extreme measures. Truly, being frugal is certainly different from being a scrooge. For example, a frugal mum will not hesitate to throw away leftover carrots when she knows that it will make her dishes bitter. On the other hand, a scrooge mum will hang on to it no matter how rubbery it gets and force her family to eat her “frugal dish” to save money.

Giving new life to leftovers is a great way to keep that balance in a prepaid credit card. Therefore a clever mum must be frugal and not a tightwad. Here’s how to use the four senses to detect “good” leftovers.

The Nose:

The olfactory sense is the first reliable judge to all dishes. In fact, expert chefs can detect whether their dish taste great by merely sniffing at it. No matter how gross the food may look as long as the nose can whiff a great taste, it certainly will pass the tongue. Therefore, the nose is the first judge whether a mum will give it a go to a leftover or simply toss it in the bin. When a food stinks and can make anyone gag, it’s best to throw it away woman.

The Eyes:

To see is to believe and the eyes will never deceive the state of a vegetable. If there’s a mold, the vegetable is already in the state of decomposition. In case of an onion, powdery black mildew and some spotting will give it a go to the waste in. However, moms can always take away the rotten part and the good part will taste the same. As for potatoes, the greenish portion can already mean poison. Green parts contain alkaloid which makes people sick. Better plant or put them in compost to sustain new plants.

The Tongue:

No rotten food can certainly pass the tongue. Therefore, be cautious in tasting suspected leftovers. When a food should not taste a bit sour, get it ready for the landfill or compost. Be on look out to taste carrots because some mums still use them even if they’re rubbery. Bitter-tasting carrots are good candidates for the compost.

The Touch:

This sense is very good in detecting rotten fruits.  Good ones don’t give way on a good squeeze. Squeezing can detect bruised spots and is the best way to let the rotten material out of any fruit or vegetable.

Leftover saving is great but when these measures go to the extreme and result to food poisoning, it nullifies saving attempts. It’s best to throw away unworthy leftovers than risk giving the visa prepaid balance to the chemist.

Cooking Online In Games

Cooking Online In Games

Today, there are many kinds of games for kids. Boys often like things which are strong and require using his intelligent and activeness in each activities. But girls like things which are gentle and easy, simple and colorful. Boy kids often like mind space games, adventure games or sport games. Girl kids are esspecially interested in dress up games for girls. Cooking games is one kind of games in the group games “dress up games for girls” which is extremely loved by girl kids. Cooking is the passion of almost girls.

Because of being curious, when going out in restaurant or eating with parents at home, children like cooking often wonder of how to cook the food which they are eating. So that, girls like assisting her parents in the kitchen for some chores or watching her parents cooking. Cooking games are interested games for girls like cooking. There are also full kinds of games in cooking games such as: make cheese, delicous fruit, gato cake, school lunch, nice pizza…

There are games that require player to decorate the meal or to set up the table such as games: thanks giving, delicious pizza, christmas cake… there are some kinds of parts needed for meal or a table or a cake that players can choose and set up according to their willingness. These games are simple and easy to play. There are also games that have recipe with ingredients and the intruction book helps player cooking meal.

It is relly interested that we can cook online by almost actions as if we are cooking in our kitchen with every food we like in games. For example, game “shrimp mango salad” in the ingeredients needed for Shrimp mango salad are listed in the instruction book include: mango, shrimp, orange, cumin seeds, salt, oil, fresh min,… then the instruction book also gives the steps to make a shrimp mango salad.

However, dont worry that its difficult for you to play. When playing, game has intructions for you in each step by arrow shows which you must do next. Follow the steps given, you finally finish your own shrim mango salad in game. But the steps are so clearly that you may cooking it by your own with your real ingredients and instruction as given in game. Cooking games sometimes is not just games but it also is the instruction for cooking that you can try and practice online in games.