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Cola Beverage Industry Gradually Into The Off-season The Two Giant Wave Of Expansion Way – Coke,

Cola Beverage Industry Gradually Into The Off-season The Two Giant Wave Of Expansion Way – Coke,

Beverage industry gradually into the off-season, but the two cola giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi has been continuously recent news. Coca-Cola last week launched a high profile in the fruit Milk drinks New products, the two music they have chosen to open plant last weekend, announced their development strategies and new market layout: a sights on non- Carbonated beverages A continuing development effort carbonated beverage market.

However, even more curious is that in overweight non-carbonated beverage Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola distraction with or without opportunity to seize the carbonated water market; the other hand, the full range of flowering time in the Coca-Cola, who is all drink Coke road block Taoist.

Pepsi soft drinks doomed bet Invest 600 million Coca-Cola Bottling of commercial production (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. officially opened last month soon. Coca-Cola Greater China president, said Dai Jiashun, this is by far the highest amount of Coca-Cola to invest in China, the world’s most advanced production equipment beverage without gas production base.

Two days later, PepsiCo Invested one billion yuan in Chengdu opened a new factory mainly produces Pepsi, seven-up, reaching such its U.S. soft drinks. Greater China president of Pepsi beverages, said Wen-Kai Lu, Chengdu Pepsi mark the completion of the development in the western region into a new era. Researcher at the Chinese food business

Peng Zhu Dan analysis in an interview that focused on traditional gas PepsiCo beverage market, Coca-Cola will probably by more attention to the timing of non-carbonated soft drinks side, to strengthen their beverage gas market share.

And Coke will focus shifted, the possibility to win Coca-Cola Pepsi carbonated beverage market is also a matter of concern.

Carbonated drinks in Europe and the United States market, now began a downward direction, but in recent years, carbonated beverages in Soft drinks Although still in the forefront, and its growth has lagged far behind the fruit juice and other non-carbonated beverage growth. Bureau of Statistics data show that 1-May, fruit and vegetable juice production growth rate reached 24.07%, output reached 4.7144 million tons; in May a single month more than 1 million tons, reaching 1.0214 million tons, an increase of 15.89%. And carbonated drinks increased by only 5.44%, yield 4,438,600 tons; May a single month to 963,300 tons, an increase of 12.12%.

In a number of industry opinion, because although Coca-Cola will shift the focus of future field of non-carbonated, but will not reduce the influence of its brand, Coca-Cola shift in focus, the Pepsi can in a short time to replace Coca-Cola’s carbonated drinks market, its products have maintained good development momentum, such as Zero, Sprite, etc., have maintained good sales growth. Coca-Cola and the transfer of the focus does not mean that a market will give up carbonic acid, the corresponding Advertisement Promotion or will it continue.

Actually Pepsi has been made this year to force non-carbonated drinks market in the market of non-carbonated drinks, “fruit particle” and “Herbal Life” and other products were also launched.

Investment adviser in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that further if you want to catch up with Pepsi Cola, we must make great efforts in product development and other aspects, so as to ensure its leading position in the domestic market. Moreover, non-carbonated beverage industry is already the trend of future development, Pepsi would go a long way to its future development in China is extremely negative.

Only brand cola market advantage In the field of non-carbonated Coca-Cola is clearly onto the road, “Maid” brand holds the top market with low concentration of juice, some recent new products and markets are mainly centered on non-carbon drinks.

Non carbonated soft drinks in recent years, continued double-digit growth in the domestic and Coca-Cola business in China account for three percent. Dai Jiashun also shows that soft drinks in non-carbon ambition: To meet the rapid development of non-carbonated soft drinks market demand, the Coca-Cola and gradually improved the layout of non-carbonated soft drinks production.

Coca-cola’s “carbon Friendly” Strategy – Coke, Carbon – Food Industry

Coca-cola’s “carbon Friendly” Strategy – Coke, Carbon – Food Industry

Competition is the low carbon competitiveness who hands earlier
Appear in the Chinese consumer, the representative of Coca-Cola is a well-known multinational companies, but production Carbonated beverages But Coca-Cola CEO Mutaikente have hope in the next 10 years, Coca-Cola to become the middle class and young people Environmental protection Part of our belief.

This is not an unattainable goal, over the past 10 years, Coca-Cola has been the first to a high standard of environmental requirements according to the layout. November 2009, Coca-Cola system in China was the “2009 China’s beverage industry practice of good corporate social responsibility,” the title of energy conservation through the implementation of 101 projects, Coca-Cola in water saving 591,410 tons, 1211 tons of standard coal in energy saving, emission reduction 1955 t in .

One was supposed to be large multinational energy and water pollution, how to build their own low-carbon in China competitiveness?

Create “Green Factory” Shanghai, in March 2009 China put into use in the Coca-Cola Park and the world headquarters of innovation and technology center, looks more like a group of buildings from the future. As a result of wind power and energy-efficient integration of design patterns, peak electricity throughout the park and down nearly 15%. Rainwater collection system will annually save 60 percent of the water park.

To some extent, this is also a Coca-Cola factory in China, the essence of nearly 40 version. The green plant operations have always been an important part of Coca-Cola low-carbon strategy, nothing more than its low-power mode three: savings, recycling, new Energy .

From the 20th century, early 80s, if there is no sewage treatment facilities and water-saving measures allowed Coca-Cola factory started production. Serious and Coca-Cola at the Beijing factory, responsible for the management of sewage treatment facilities to the staff, the maximum daily processing capacity of 2000 tons, the total sewage generated every day, but the amount 5, 600 tons, “Using water-saving device , water less and less. “treated sewage can water the flowers after the fish recycling, its COD value is only 30, far better than the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone, more than 500 emission standards.

“We are for installation of rainwater collection systems.” Beijing Coca Cola Co., Senior Public Affairs and Communications main Renchen Yi said, the system is expensive, but the results greatly, Anhui, Coca-Cola plant, after installation of rainwater collection system , surplus water can even be provided to the municipal.

It is understood that China’s system of 39 Coca-Cola bottling plants have all implemented a water recycling project will be re-used to minimize the amount of water discharged, of which 12 works have been implemented for online monitoring of wastewater system for continuous monitoring of water quality. In 2008, Coca-Cola system in China save 1.6 billion liters of water.

Water cycle model and greatly reduced the Coca-Cola’s “water footprint.” Coca-Cola vice president and Greater China, Public Affairs and Communications Director Li Xiaojun told the “manager”, as of September 2009, Coca-Cola China Beverages for every 1 liter of water production capacity of 2 liters, compared with 36% in 2004 to upgrade.

In addition, the administrative office is also rigorously enforce the energy conservation measures, factory park Unity Use of solar street light, the hours of work lights, use recycled paper, waste separation and other methods into the habit of office workers, the Coca-Cola Greater China Senior Manager Public Affairs and Communications Tian Hung said that these practices have been brought back to their home.

Low-carbon supply chain
“Create low-carbon supply chain, and the goal is to Raw materials Suppliers, distributors, retailers, users work together to reduce environmental pollution. “Li Xiaoyun that low-carbon supply chain, Coca-Cola is not only reflected the importance attached to environmental protection, but also reduce overall operating costs, meet environmental and economic win-win situation.

The Next 10 Years, “the World’s Most” Chinese Coke Output To – Chemical Industry

The Next 10 Years, “the World’s Most” Chinese Coke Output To – Chemical Industry

SINGAPORE Bloomberg, in recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, substantial increase in coke production, coke production in 2008 was 327.57 million tons, in 2009 about 345 million tons of coke production, coke yield of about 60 world %, China’s coke production of large, consume as much as in the world.

Coke is mainly used for the world steel industry, coke for the steel industry in developed countries about 90% to 95%, at present, China’s coke consumption of iron and steel industry accounted for approximately 87% of the national coke production. In 2009 by the financial crisis, in order to promote economic growth, China’s first 3 quarters of fixed asset investment growth of 33.4%, pulling the iron and steel output is expected to steel, pig iron output over the previous year were about 65 million tons and 7000 tons of coke output of about 21 million tons. From the macro point of view, the future of China’s coke production can no longer significant growth, with economic development, coke production will decline every year, the final output of 2 million tons.

Our more than 300 million tons of coke consumption whereabouts
According to the management department statistics show that in 2007 the national consumption of 303.37 million tons of coke, of which 257.87 million tons of coke consumption of iron and steel industry, accounting for 85% of the production of coke for iron smelting 213.26 million tons, representing 82.7% of coke, iron and steel industry , sintering, iron alloy, magnesia and other non-iron consumption of about 44.6 million tons of coke, coke, iron and steel industry accounted for 17.3%; non-ferrous industrial consumption of coke, 4.71 million tons, accounting for 1.55% of consumption; chemical industry consumption of 22.19 million tons of coke, 7.32%; machinery industrial consumption of coke 7,871,400 tons, accounting for 2.6%; chemical fiber, non-metallic products, coke consumption of 3.2 million tons, accounting for 1.05%; other industries such as mining, transport, electricity, agriculture, textiles, life, and consumption of coke 752 million tons, accounting for 2.48%. In addition, the export of 15.3 million tons of coke annually, about 4%. With the rapid development of the national economy, China’s coke consumption continued to grow, including iron and steel industry is a big coke consumption, saving the greatest potential for coke.

Focus than the decline of steel
Promote the scientific concept of development, China will continue to progress ironmaking technology, coke ratio continued to decline, reducing coke consumption is inevitable. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of steel industry, steel accumulation increasing returns increased scrap, pig iron instead of steel, but also save a lot of coke. Draw on the experience of developed countries, economic development, the development of iron and steel industry will reduce coke consumption.

U.S. steel and coke industry in more than 100 years of development can be divided into three stages, the U.S. coke production in 1951 rose to a peak of 79.3 million tons, the steel output of 95.42 million tons, coke steel ratio of 0.83 (ratio of coke production steel production). , The coke production began to decline. By 1973, the U.S. steel production rose to a peak of 136.78 million tons, the yield dropped to 63.4 million tons of coke, coke steel ratio to 0.47, compared with 0.36 in 1951 down. After the steel production started to decline. By 1988, the U.S. steel accumulation of nearly 60 million tons, steel production fell to 90.63 million tons, compared to the normal stable production, energy, transportation, ports, urban infrastructure, real estate, building more perfect, then coke decline to 28.9 million tons, coke Steel fell 0.31.

U.S. coke production from the 1951 peak of 79.3 million tons, down to 14.24 million tons in 2008, coke production fell 82%, mainly due to include: First iron coke rate decreased; Second, after 1973, steel production progressively reduced; Third Steel than the greatly reduced accumulation of the end of 2008 was 7.8 billion tons of steel, the social return to a lot of scrap for steel production, scrap steel instead of reducing consumption of pig iron a lot of coke, iron to steel ratio of 0.36 .

Japan’s steel production in 1948 was 1.71 million tons, steel production in 1973 rose to 119.32 million tons, followed, steel production has been fluctuating around 110 million tons of coke production decreased year by year; 1984 production of 105.58 million tons of steel, production was 51.45 million tons of coke, coke steel ratio of 0.49; By 2008, steel production was 118.74 million tons, coke yield decreased to 38.56 million tons, coke steel ratio dropped to 0.32 in these 24 years, little change in steel production, coke production by 25%.

Huang Lefu Family To Let Go Of Zhuhai In The Rich Boss Changes Have Doubts About The Coke Bottle

Huang Lefu Family To Let Go Of Zhuhai In The Rich Boss Changes Have Doubts About The Coke Bottle

When you drink Coca-Cola , Pepsi-Cola Etc. Beverages When the bottle in his hand is likely to Zhuhai Fu (000659, SZ) production.

As delicious Coke Pepsi in Southeast Asia’s largest PET bottle and PVC label suppliers, on December 18, Zhuhai, general manager of Huang Zhaohui Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. formal resignation. Zhuhai Fu Huang Lefu as the eldest son of the founder, Huang Zhaohui formally resigned the moment, the company, “Huang Lefu age” or the end, this also means that the actual holding companies now who will replace the Wong family CVC master’s voice .

Wong family lost the last one seat

12 22, Huang Zhaohui resignation notice was posted on the door of Zhuhai in the rich side of the wall.

Late last year in March, its shares in the rich Group of Zhuhai in the rich 29% of the company’s shares transferred to the bottle industry in Asia (Hong Kong) Limited (the “bottle industry in Asia”, with the ultimate shareholders are CVC Asia managed fund ). By the end of September, the Commerce Department approved the acquisition.

In October last year, in Zhuhai, all the rich to the board of directors and senior executives to resign, the Group Board of Directors, the founder of Wong Fu Zhaohui only one family to stay, and served as general manager. Then open sources, Zhuhai Fu board of directors from CVC accounted for three-quarters of seats in the account for two thirds of the board of supervisors.

And Zhaohui resigned last week after the senior management of Zhuhai in the rich, the Huang family has disappeared.

As of June 30, Asia bottle industry and CR groups were held in Zhuhai in the rich 29%, 4.91% of the shares. However, and CVC Cooperation Prior to Zhuhai Founder Huang Lefu have rich media that: “CVC’s investment in people just will not do industry, our management will not move.” Aspects of the CVC has repeatedly said that after the acquisition is a major shake-up American style, and CVC to take the European approach. “CVC is optimistic about the current team was due to make a purchase, we buy is talent.”

This call CVC’s Beijing office yesterday, the Managing Director Zhu Wei China but leave CVC, CVC regard it has not made any response resignation Zhaohui.

And an unnamed CVC staff, said yesterday that he personally thought that this is normal. From the perspective of private equity funds, all of the company as long as there is a private equity power outside intervention, the company will be a major personnel changes. This is a very important improvement business part.

Resigned for personal reasons? Zhaohui for the bulletin said the resignation was due to “personal reasons”, insiders believe, yellow separation may be a novelty factor. 12

1996 months, “Zhuhai rich” in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This from the Huang Lefu founded in December 1985 the township enterprises, after a series of expansion and restructuring, has grown to become well-known bottle business, the production of PET bottles in the domestic market share as high as 60%.

12 20, the “Daily Economic News” reporter rushed to the rich in Zhuhai headquarters in Wan Chai. Reporters on the scene to see, in the rich industrial Co., Ltd., in rich bottle factory, CR Shipyard, in rich red plastic cover labels in the roof side of the road in turn arranged to form a huge cluster. Irradiation

Zhuhai Fu secretaries to directorate to the “Daily Economic News” reporter said: “Huang, resigned mainly because of personal reasons to work. In the last year after the completion of delivery options, Huang does not always work in the rich, their other factories. After period of development, new business Growing size. Now the total Huang older, the body is not good management, but to his side need strong people. ”

Anglo American's capitulation is a sign of things to come

coking book
The company will focus on diamonds, copper and platinum, a clear implication that its coking and thermal coal assets are on the chopping block. A number of existing mines will be closed or put in care and … (New Hope Corporation shareholders must be …

Stable And Increased Domestic Coke Prices – Steel, Steel, Steel – Iron And Steel Industry

Stable And Increased Domestic Coke Prices – Steel, Steel, Steel – Iron And Steel Industry

Coking coal prices and improved market demand, the domestic coke market prices rose to some extent there. Ended ended Dec. 8, the current secondary metallurgical coke price in Shanghai in 1750 yuan / ton in Jiangsu and secondary metallurgical coke price 1800 yuan / ton, Shandong secondary metallurgical coke price 1700 yuan / ton, the second in Shanxi Province grade metallurgical coke price 1650 yuan / ton, Hebei secondary metallurgical coke price 1750 yuan / ton, Yunnan secondary metallurgical coke price 1450 yuan / ton, has risen 50-100 yuan / ton.

Together, affect the price of coke The major factors include the following:
1, significantly higher coking coal prices, increased production costs
Winter has always been the traditional peak season for coal coal demand, the current medium and small coal mines in Shanxi Province before the end of integration and consolidation of the northern strain on the resources available in the market situation has not improved significantly. And because rain and snow, coupled with increasingly strained capacity at the end of the recent Northern coking coal to steel mills and coking business volume declined. Currently, nine major coking coal in Shanxi Province has risen to the market price of 1,300 yuan / ton, early in November rose 50 per tonne. Hebei Hebei raised three times the energy mining coking coal ex-factory price in November. From November 21, the long-term users of its coking coal ex-factory price increases from 60 to 1,100 yuan / ton (excluding tax), long-term users of non-raised 170 yuan / ton, auto transport customer implementation of 1320 yuan / ton (including tax price of 1544 yuan / ton), train transportation customers implement 1300 yuan / ton (tax included price of 1521 yuan / ton). Affected by this, the present Hebei 9 coking coal market price rose to 1520 yuan / ton, early in November rose 260 yuan / ton.

2, market demand, tight supply of coke resources
Domestic steel output continued high demand for coke is more robust, according to China Steel Association statistics, in November 2009 member companies in mid-Steel Association (73) crude steel production was 12,469,600 tons, average daily production was 1.247 million tons / day ; expected in mid-November produced 15.9952 million tons nationwide, average daily production of 1,599,500 tons / day. As the iron and steel production to maintain a high level of demand for good coke, Shanxi, Hebei and other places of coking enterprises have said that the current inventory is not high steel coke, coke procurement efforts have increased in recent shipments of coke in good condition. Shandong, Henan, coking also reflects the market demand, coking enterprises are currently at full capacity, but the little plant inventory, shipping and smooth.

Steel have increased purchases of the same time, keep up the purchase price of coke. December 7, Hengyang Steel Tube will be the purchase price of coke up 80 yuan / ton, the adjusted quasi-one from the Shanxi purchase price of the implementation of 1840 yuan metallurgical coke / ton. Anyang Yongxing Iron & Steel will be the recent purchase price of metallurgical coke by 50 yuan / ton, the adjusted quasi-one focus (A

3, coke companies have raised prices With the demand for improved
and prices of coke, coke companies will raise prices more strongly. December 1, Coking Industry Association of Hebei Province issued a notice saying recently by the frequent coal mine accidents and the impact of tight capacity, coal prices soaring, the association raised the price of coke made in December 50-80 yuan / ton, two metallurgical coke guide price of 1750 yuan? tons. And stressed that the market in mid-coke prices may continue to rise.

Based on the current coal, coke, iron and steel market changes, Shanxi Coking Industry Association, through research, presented in December 2009 guidance on the coke market, quality to sulfur 0.7, the coke ash 12.5 for the benchmark Coke prices in December

Coke Crusher,salt Crusher,terrazzo Crusher

Coke Crusher,salt Crusher,terrazzo Crusher

Coke crusher
Coke grinding mill is ordinarily a mechanised awesome good pulverizing equipment, which integrates innovative grinding and classifying engineering using the capabilities of grinding, impact, cutting, beater and shaping, etc.
As I mentioned above, in the Coke crushing processing , jaw crusher , impact crusher are usually the best choice as primary crushing plant. And Impact Crusher , Cone Crusher , Vetical shaft Impact Crusher can be used in secondory crushing process.
The coke (-450 mm) size shall be conveyed to the primary crusher and screen below this by an inclined pan conveyor or by cleated belt conveyor@75 tph from the dump hopper, which is equipped with a rod gate and vibratory feeder, the over size material from the screen will go to secondary crusher and screen.Now our requirement is as follows…

To design the row/rows of crushers and screens (max.two rows vertically) in such a way that the final size of coke will be of sizes…
Salt crusher
This equipment is used in the rock salt manufacturing process to crush salt imported in solid form while implementing gradation control….
Shanghai Gulin Machinery Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of salt crushing equipment. It supplies all kinds crushing machines and design salt crushing production line according to the requirements of customers. Our salt crushing machines have exported to South Africa, USA, Australia, Russia, Canada, Egypt, UZ, Nubia, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mali, Kyrghyzstan, Argentina, Guinea, KZ, etc.
Terrazzo Crusher
Our terrazzo grinding mills include ball mill, Raymond mill, MTM trapezium mill, super thin mill and coarse powder mill. Ball mill is the traditional horizontal grinding mill and has very wide use, which can grind many kinds of material.

– Main pressing system OPA850/300T , complete with PLC control system; Automatic doser for the first layer STP425; Dosing equipment; Automatic hopper; Mechanical carriage and accessories;
– Complete set of moulds 300×300 at 2 cavities;
– Complete set of moulds 400×400 at 1 cavity;
– Complete set of moulds 500×500 at 1 cavity;
– Complete set of moulds 400×600 at 1 cavity;
– Vertical handling system VERTIMATIC EX;

More information, please visit pulverizer. If the common terrazzo pulverizing plant can not satisfy your need, SBM can design other terrazzo pulverizing plant depending on your terrazzo, capacity, final size and other demands. Please believe SBM can supplier perfect terrazzo pulverizing plant, crushing plant and grinding plant for you.

Membrane Filter In Coke Oven Gas Wet Desulfurization System – Membrane Filters – Filtration And

Membrane Filter In Coke Oven Gas Wet Desulfurization System – Membrane Filters – Filtration And

Abstract: coke oven gas wet desulfurization systems to improve and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Key words: coke oven; gas; desulfurization; filter

0 Introduction Coke oven gas wet desulfurization is in civil and industrial purification system an important part, now TISCO gas plant is used as the base fluid ADA improvements to PDS as a catalyst for wet air oxidation process, the H2S gas First of all, in the desulfurization tower desulfurization liquid was absorbed H2S desulfurization fluid was oxidized in the regeneration tower, sulfur, sulfur and sulfur formed part of desulfurization liquid foam into the sulfur recovery process. In order to achieve desulfurization liquid recycling, need to keep the sulfur from the liquid extract. I plant sulfur recovery process of wet FGD systems for the traditional bubble of sulfur recovery, sulfur recovery rate as low (40%), resulting in high sulfur suspended in solution (0.1mg / l), removal efficiency decreased (85%), equipment and pipe higher sulfur attachment to towers and facilities increased resistance caused by severe corrosion. In addition, sulfur recovery process, the sulfur and molten sulfur tank foam tank need to consume a large amount of steam, not only high energy consumption and operating workers out of sulfur and sulfur paste directly contact the working environment is poor, labor-intensive, pollution is quite serious.

To address these problems, optimize production processes, and we make use of the liquid Al Gore film Filter To replace the current foam tank and molten sulfur tank, only to improve efficiency, save energy, but also to achieve sulfur recovery process automation bubble.

1 Gore film liquid filter structure and principle

1.1 Gore film liquid Filter Structure

Gore filter by the automatic control system, flexible valve group, membrane filtration components, tank piping and other components. Thin-film filter surface, this unique filtering method has the advantage: The suspensions in all of the liquid collected in the film surface, as film has excellent non-sticky and very small friction coefficient, combined with automated systems to Automatic continuous throughout the filtration process, and fully as physical recovery has no effect on the solution.

1.2 works

Gore membrane filter works shown in Figure 1. Sulfur foam 1 # valve through imports into the filter, after Bag Filter, clear liquid through the membrane filter bags into the cavity and discharged through the overflow pipe, filter medium solids (residue) is the surface of membrane filtration in the bag. When the filter for some time, membrane filter bags on the residue up to a certain thickness of the filter membrane into the automatic anti-state, into the liquid, recoil, Filter valve Automatically switch to the surface residue from the membrane filtration bags and sinking to the bottom of the filter cone, filters automatically to the next filter, recoil, settlement cycle at the same time, dehydrating dehydration from the filter into the filter residue were dewatering device When the residue in the water off to a certain extent, the system automatically opens dehydration device and door locking device, discharge of dry residue, and then run back into the next cycle.

Coke Oven-Uses, Advantage and Benefits of Coal Technology

Coke Oven-Uses, Advantage and Benefits of Coal Technology

Coke oven is a vital necessity when it comes to producing coke which is further derived from coal. Bituminous coal is later mixed and heated at a temperature that can range between a degree of 1,000 to 2,000 Celsius. This temperature exists within the vacuum prevailing inside the coke oven that gives out the resultant by-product called coke. Coke oven as a device is an indispensable part of the whole process of making coke. Coke is nothing but a solid form of combusted material in the carbonaceous form. It consists of a small amount of ash and sulfur.

Coke can further be used as a fuel substitute or even as a reducing agent in smelting iron ore in the blast furnace. It is among the three prime constituents used in the production of iron which is thereafter used to manufacture steel by combining it with limestone alongside iron ore. The waste gases that come out or are emitted from the coke oven during the whole process involving coal technology can later be utilized as fuel. The coal can again be produced through the process of heating under a certain restricted temperature. Superior quality coke is derived only in a temperature devoid of any oxygen.

Coke ovens are airless and designed to facilitate the whole coke-making process using coal technology. They are arranged in a series of batteries and placed strategically between the heated walls. By doing so, one can increase the production of coke and thereby the efficiency of the whole coke-making process. Coke is hereafter heated in the coke oven due to the consistent high temperature existing which further helps in separating coal gas, coal water and tar from coal. Coal gas and coal water is later combined and fused together along with carbon and the residual remains of coal. 

The hard solid residue that is derived at the end of the whole process is usually referred to as coke. Again the coal which is used for making coke is integral to the entire process. Coal can further be selected on the basis of ash, sulfur and tar for prominent characteristics like volatility or plasticity. The volatile nature of coal further helps it in producing coal or greater and higher quantity. The more the volatility the more would be the number of byproducts. Again too much volatility might work negatively by making the quality of coke too porous.

This process of producing coal through coke ovens is referred to as coal technology. Those emission gases which come out of such ovens are usually considered harmful for human life and have been identified as carcinogen. This process of converting coal to coke is done by blending carbon monoxide along with nitrogen. Coke is produced by passing air through such oven. Coke is also an important constituent for the production of water gas and others. The first instance of using coke as a fuel for the purpose of cooking was started by the Chinese. It also served as a great fuel alternative in those areas where there is dearth of trees and is smoke free at the same time.

MYOB vs QuickBooks: Which Should I Choose? The clash of the bookkeeping titans continues

MYOB vs QuickBooks: Which Should I Choose? The clash of the bookkeeping titans continues

It’s the age-old debate, almost as well known and as polarising as Coke vs Pepsi or Ford vs Holden! MYOB and QuickBooks are each very different accounting packages, although you’ll find many dual MYOB bookkeepers/QuickBooks bookkeepers. Each program has its own strengths and weaknesses, and is suitable for different types of businesses and sometimes different industries. We explore those industries here.

Basic Functions of a MYOB Bookkeeper and QuickBooks Bookkeeper

Both of these major bookkeeping packages have the same core functions, including:

Integrated payroll
Time billing
Inventory tracking
GST accounting / BAS preparation
Business management

Both packages also integrate with Microsoft Word and Excel, so that you can import and export data and reports as necessary.

The Traditional Viewpoint

Some bookkeepers still see MYOB as the pioneer software – and for those who believe “it is better to be first than it is to be better”, there’s no reason to convince them that MYOB bookkeeping should be left behind! MYOB is also Australian-developed and owned.

The major reason that many companies choose to go with QuickBooks is the multi-user licensing system; QuickBooks bookkeepers have no restriction on the number of companies you can use the software with, five separate licenses and the choice of buying either a 12-month subscription or purchasing the full version.

However, the subtleties of using the programs for MYOB bookkeepers compared to QuickBooks bookkeepers mean that one program may be slightly better suited to a particular company.

The Face Off!

Ease of Use for Beginners

The field is fairly equally divided as to ease of use for beginners. An easy way to remove any worry over spending time trying to figure out your bookkeeping software rather than doing work, can be quite simply removed by getting some expert, in-house training from your MYOB bookkeeper or QuickBooks bookkeeper.


Both programs are well established and equally stable.

Time Tracking Tools

MYOB has time billing, and is compatible with a fairly wide set of time tracking tools; for some companies this will save time on data entry (and therefore fees for your MYOB bookkeeper).

Operating system

If you work on a Mac, it makes more sense to engage a MYOB bookkeeper. QuickBooks offers only a windows-based product in Australia. It is possible to use a virtual machine on a Mac to run QuickBooks, but the operation is less stable. There’s nothing worse than a system hang halfway through payroll!


Do you have inventory for your company at multiple locations? A MYOB bookkeeper will be your better bet – QuickBooks can’t handle this. Additionally, QuickBooks will only allow you to have one company file open at any point in time … yet MYOB only allows you a maximum of 9 windows, whereas in QuickBooks it is unlimited.

Ease of Entry

With MYOB, Small business transactions entered straight from bank statement can be streamlined more efficiently by setting up linked accounts to supplier cards and entering in 4 quick keystrokes. Quickbooks is able to recall last transaction, however you spend more time tabbing through the various fields to get the same end result (ie. the benefits would be the same if entering bills into software to be paid at a later date)


Quickbooks allows advanced customisation of reports – you are able to filter by class, account etc. to generate almost any report you like – great for any rapidly evolving or medium businesses that require customised reporting. MYOB is currently very rigid in its reporting abilities, however, it does suit most small business needs. The ‘Find’ feature in Quickbooks is also much more efficient and accurate than the MYOB ‘find transactions’ function.

For learners

There are several points in consideration of learner bookkeepers that need to be taken into account when choosing a software package. Remember, all of these can be overcome if you choose to get specific training from your MYOB bookkeeper or QuickBooks bookkeeper. However, if you’re planning to wing it, consider that:

MYOB requires a ‘hard close’ at year end, and the rollover procedures can be quite difficult to implement.
There are perhaps slightly more MYOB bookkeepers in Australia than Quickbooks bookkeepers. That said, any bookkeeping service worth its salt will have extensive experience in both!
QuickBooks reports can be easier to customise without special training

To sum up, there really is little practical difference between the two programs; it will depend largely on your particular company’s quirks, habits and necessities whether you choose a MYOB bookkeeper or QuickBooks bookkeeper.

A note should also be made about online bookkeeping software; The top four software programs are MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero and Saasu – these programs can help reduce your data entry time in half if you choose the right one! For a comparison of all four online bookkeeping software brands and to choose the best one for your needs, visit the Top Class Accounts blog  where you can find valuable updates and info about the industry.

Eliminate The “coke” 5 Common Gasoline Additive Evaluation – Additives

Eliminate The “coke” 5 Common Gasoline Additive Evaluation – Additives

Every car running for some time, fuel systems will form some sediment. Now as urban traffic congestion, often in low speed and idling car state, but will increase the formation and accumulation of these sediments. Maybe you will find there own car running at idle instability, jitter, or when speed is not as smooth as new vehicles, most of the time are the engine fuel system, the phenomenon of carbon deposition at play.

Remove coke and fuel system to avoid accumulation of impurities are usually several ways, which add a gasoline additive for automotive is an effective means. Usually every 5,000 km, so add a gasoline additive to effortlessly, without the help of time cleaning your car the most important fuel system. Now gasoline additive products on the market is good and bad, to let you correct classification to achieve the effect of the gasoline additive, is that you choose the right products, we specifically had the following experiment.

Market, we find the more common 5 product, which contains special offers manufacturers a number of imported gasoline additives and additives. Test is: are vector into the cup 10 ml of petrol, and then adding two drops of gasoline additive products, respectively, and then through a special “indicator” by adding a mixture of gasoline and gasoline additives, 5 drops, then intuitive color depth, shallow judgments can be drawn which product to eliminate higher coke ingredients.

First step to join in the “indicator” of the trial, 5 of which 4 products product almost no color, and color of the product have 1,3,5 numbers show significant changes in the performance of light blue to blue, 5 products in the color of most products for the 2 he has presented a deep purple. This proves 2 products is to eliminate a more coke ingredients.

Then, we will use the “reducing agent” of the mixture are recovered, then the number of drops instilled mixture of reducing agent will be able to restore sections of products to judge the effect can be achieved. If the mixture by adding 1-4 drops of reducing agent after the reduction Jibei, then prove that the product has the effect of cleaning nozzle; If a few drops of the reducing agent added 5-9 drops of the product so that the nozzle cleaning function with while also cleaning the engine oil circuit; if the reduction after adding 10-15 drops of reducing agent, then prove that the products have the first two features in addition to the 150 – 2500 miles and the oil line within the continuous coke removal; adding reducing agent, if more than 16 drops, so that the product only through 150 – 1,800 miles can be achieved on the clean coke and asphalt.

Final answer is revealed, 5 products, 4 and 3, Product only by 1-4 drops of reducing agent was fully restored into gasoline should have yellow, indicating the effectiveness can be achieved only is the cleaning nozzle . And 1 and 5, products reached a high reduction of 10-15 drops, indicating the actual effectiveness of these two products is better. 5 products in the best efficacy for the 2 products, which instilled a total of 31 drops of reducing agent was fully restored to petrol Caibei yellow.

The above experiment, we can conclude that: Although a common gasoline additive market, most have some coke, and asphalt removal effectiveness, but the specific effect or have a big difference. If you use the products to the general may spend money only for the car while doing a small part of the maintenance, and the choice of products can effect more fully realize the conservation of vehicles to achieve cleansing of the engine and manifold.