Enjoy These Prescription HCG Desserts

Enjoy These Prescription HCG Desserts

The very low calorie diet (VLCD) Prescription HCG is a program that helps you to lose weight by following a strict 500 calorie per day limit.  Dieters participating in the Prescription HCG program will have a list of specific foods he/she can consume, and as you would expect, sweets are limited.  The following are top favorites of Prescription HCG desserts that are made with ingredients approved by the weight loss authorities in the program.

If you are a participant in the Prescription HCG, you should take advantage of the online support given by the program.  There are great tools and resources at the Prescription HCG website, such as the eCookbook with Prescription HCG desserts and other appropriate recipes.  You should not be overwhelmed with a 500 calorie diet, and in order to help empower you to lose weight, the eCookbook offers many different flavors of recipes.  Steaks, vegetables, chicken, and Prescription HCG desserts are all included as easy to read recipes.  It is believed that you will conclude the program feeling satisfied and pleased with your results.

The following Prescription HCG desserts are approved and the original recipes are included in the eCookbook.

1.  Recipe 1 of sample Prescription HCG desserts:  Fresh Strawberry Shortcake – one serving

Ingredients to purchase: plain melba toast; two (2) drops of vanilla creme flavor Stevia; sliced strawberries

Instructions to follow: Add one drop of Stevia to the Melba toast; Slice up the strawberries; place the freshly sliced strawberries along the toast in a layer; add one more drop of Stevia.  You are finished. This is thought to be one of the easiest and most delicious Prescription HCG desserts to make and enjoy.

2.  Prescription HCG Desserts: Strawberries and Cream (1 serving)

Ingredients to buy: strawberries;1 tablespoon milk; 2-4 drops of vanilla creme Stevia;1 packet of dry Stevia

Directions:  gently slice the strawberries and place in a small mixing bowl; add the tablespoon of milk and two types of Stevia; toss the entire mixture and serve fresh.  This is another sample of Prescription HCG desserts that people love to make and enjoy.

3. Prescription HCG desserts Orange and Strawberry Smoothie (1 serving)

Purchase:  frozen strawberries or fresh – 1 cup; Orange juice – 1/3 cup and 1/3 peeled orange; crushed ice to fill blender; vanilla Stevia; optional addition – spinach leaves.

Instructions to follow: Place the ingredients into the blender; turn it on.  Turn the blender off when the concoction is blended purely and smooth; pour it into the appropriate sized cup and serve immediately.

The Prescription HCG diet program is full of Prescription HCG desserts as well as other healthy, colorful, flavorful recipes.  Join the diet today and begin to plan menus using the eCookbook and other online tools.  Do not let the number 500 calories make you nervous, instead lose those pounds and enjoy doing so.  If you are worried, then also use the online communications tools where you can discuss your fears with others who are in the program currently or who have successfully completed the program.  You can ask them questions and get other recipes for sweets and menu items.

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