History Of Candy

History Of Candy

Where it Came From

Candies were baroque during the olden days and are nothing like what we are used to seeing now. Also, chocolates have not been around until the mid-1800s. During the middle ages, only honey and molasses were used to sweeten nuts or fruits and those were already the first candies. And during the early days, only rich people were able to buy candies because they were so expensive. In comparison, we are very fortunate that candies come in a variety of selections to suit everyone’s taste and are even available for sale in bulk! It’s just one of the things that you need to keep in mind regarding candy! Back in the Middle Ages, it would have been unheard of to have so much sweet stuff in one place!

Through the years, candy has changed.

We already mentioned the candy bar in its almost current form above. Some candies were innovated first before others went to do the same thing. Take the M&M’s for example. These favorites were created as such to prevent them from melting so that they may be enjoyed even when it’s hot. Also these chocolates were made with regards to the military! (After all…with the island hopping campaigns, they probably weren’t seeing very much snow!) In fact, they were exclusively only for the consumption of the military during the World War II.

Still Here!

There are a few favorite candies that are still around. Chocolate is an example of a candy that will probably be around for good (which wasn’t really sweet when it was first discovered. How it ended up being made into candy when it started as a spicy thick drink is a mystery!), and even the candy corn. Furthermore, some of the candies that are still around today are actually products of ingenuity during the olden times! Nobody would have imagined they would last decades! When you read about the origin of candies, don’t sound too surprised if you hear extraordinary stories about them!


Another intriguing fact about candy bars are the ones that had to be delivered to your doorstep like the daily paper or milk. That’s right-that’s how our friend the Heath bar started out! Learning about your candy can be a lot of fun-and there are many great resources to check into to get the information that you crave! (No pun intended, of course.) These are just a few fun facts and trivia about your candy. Who knows-maybe you can find out something you didn’t know that absolutely fascinates you… we can only hope! Finally, just enjoy eating your yummy, absolutely delicious candy! Maybe you’ll even be prepared to pass your knowledge on! For those looking for a healthier snack but still a little sweet, I would suggest buying some wholesale dried fruits.

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