Hero Sandwich

Hero Sandwich

Power, pain, problems and persistence those four ingredients comprise the ultimate hero sandwich that life will serve you.  Layered between ultimate power and total persistence lies pain and problems. With each bite you will experience the bitter taste of pain as you inhale the stinging aroma of problems. It is one of those things that is served on life menu, a meal  most of would love to forgo.

 However it is a classic dish that is served to us humans and when consumed correctly it can actually make us strong. The first tendency is to try and toss aside the pain and spit out the problem as you consume only the goodness of bread. That in itself is a struggle in futility because the pain and problem is melted into the bread , soaked in the juices of time until they become one.  You see power and persistence are only activated by  pain and problems.  You have problems and pain you need the power and the persistence to over come. You were designed to not only survive, but also thrive on this ultimate Hero Sandwich.

If you dissect the anatomy of this sandwich, you will find that the  raw and pungent sharpness of pain can be a much needed catalyst  for change. The hard to chew slices of problems causes the mind to work on over drive searching for solutions. The sweet aroma of persistence and the delicious flavor of power makes it all palatable.

The other item on the menu ,that you can choose instead  is soup of the day. It is a murky concoction of pain and problems , no power or persistence added. Perfect for those who enjoy unlimited sympathy, no solutions, and the theatrical and dramatic effects that whining and repeating tales of woe often brings.

Life is not a pain free problem less situation, instead it is a power packed adventure, filled with solutions and the abilities to preserve through all trials and test.

It the sandwich or devour the soup it is your choice.

Tammie-Maria Allen©2011


This is dedicated to all of those who chose to contend and not bury their heads in the sand. Stand strong, be courage and never give up.

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