The Next 10 Years, “the World’s Most” Chinese Coke Output To – Chemical Industry

The Next 10 Years, “the World’s Most” Chinese Coke Output To – Chemical Industry

SINGAPORE Bloomberg, in recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, substantial increase in coke production, coke production in 2008 was 327.57 million tons, in 2009 about 345 million tons of coke production, coke yield of about 60 world %, China’s coke production of large, consume as much as in the world.

Coke is mainly used for the world steel industry, coke for the steel industry in developed countries about 90% to 95%, at present, China’s coke consumption of iron and steel industry accounted for approximately 87% of the national coke production. In 2009 by the financial crisis, in order to promote economic growth, China’s first 3 quarters of fixed asset investment growth of 33.4%, pulling the iron and steel output is expected to steel, pig iron output over the previous year were about 65 million tons and 7000 tons of coke output of about 21 million tons. From the macro point of view, the future of China’s coke production can no longer significant growth, with economic development, coke production will decline every year, the final output of 2 million tons.

Our more than 300 million tons of coke consumption whereabouts
According to the management department statistics show that in 2007 the national consumption of 303.37 million tons of coke, of which 257.87 million tons of coke consumption of iron and steel industry, accounting for 85% of the production of coke for iron smelting 213.26 million tons, representing 82.7% of coke, iron and steel industry , sintering, iron alloy, magnesia and other non-iron consumption of about 44.6 million tons of coke, coke, iron and steel industry accounted for 17.3%; non-ferrous industrial consumption of coke, 4.71 million tons, accounting for 1.55% of consumption; chemical industry consumption of 22.19 million tons of coke, 7.32%; machinery industrial consumption of coke 7,871,400 tons, accounting for 2.6%; chemical fiber, non-metallic products, coke consumption of 3.2 million tons, accounting for 1.05%; other industries such as mining, transport, electricity, agriculture, textiles, life, and consumption of coke 752 million tons, accounting for 2.48%. In addition, the export of 15.3 million tons of coke annually, about 4%. With the rapid development of the national economy, China’s coke consumption continued to grow, including iron and steel industry is a big coke consumption, saving the greatest potential for coke.

Focus than the decline of steel
Promote the scientific concept of development, China will continue to progress ironmaking technology, coke ratio continued to decline, reducing coke consumption is inevitable. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of steel industry, steel accumulation increasing returns increased scrap, pig iron instead of steel, but also save a lot of coke. Draw on the experience of developed countries, economic development, the development of iron and steel industry will reduce coke consumption.

U.S. steel and coke industry in more than 100 years of development can be divided into three stages, the U.S. coke production in 1951 rose to a peak of 79.3 million tons, the steel output of 95.42 million tons, coke steel ratio of 0.83 (ratio of coke production steel production). , The coke production began to decline. By 1973, the U.S. steel production rose to a peak of 136.78 million tons, the yield dropped to 63.4 million tons of coke, coke steel ratio to 0.47, compared with 0.36 in 1951 down. After the steel production started to decline. By 1988, the U.S. steel accumulation of nearly 60 million tons, steel production fell to 90.63 million tons, compared to the normal stable production, energy, transportation, ports, urban infrastructure, real estate, building more perfect, then coke decline to 28.9 million tons, coke Steel fell 0.31.

U.S. coke production from the 1951 peak of 79.3 million tons, down to 14.24 million tons in 2008, coke production fell 82%, mainly due to include: First iron coke rate decreased; Second, after 1973, steel production progressively reduced; Third Steel than the greatly reduced accumulation of the end of 2008 was 7.8 billion tons of steel, the social return to a lot of scrap for steel production, scrap steel instead of reducing consumption of pig iron a lot of coke, iron to steel ratio of 0.36 .

Japan’s steel production in 1948 was 1.71 million tons, steel production in 1973 rose to 119.32 million tons, followed, steel production has been fluctuating around 110 million tons of coke production decreased year by year; 1984 production of 105.58 million tons of steel, production was 51.45 million tons of coke, coke steel ratio of 0.49; By 2008, steel production was 118.74 million tons, coke yield decreased to 38.56 million tons, coke steel ratio dropped to 0.32 in these 24 years, little change in steel production, coke production by 25%.

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