Huang Lefu Family To Let Go Of Zhuhai In The Rich Boss Changes Have Doubts About The Coke Bottle

Huang Lefu Family To Let Go Of Zhuhai In The Rich Boss Changes Have Doubts About The Coke Bottle

When you drink Coca-Cola , Pepsi-Cola Etc. Beverages When the bottle in his hand is likely to Zhuhai Fu (000659, SZ) production.

As delicious Coke Pepsi in Southeast Asia’s largest PET bottle and PVC label suppliers, on December 18, Zhuhai, general manager of Huang Zhaohui Fu Industrial Co., Ltd. formal resignation. Zhuhai Fu Huang Lefu as the eldest son of the founder, Huang Zhaohui formally resigned the moment, the company, “Huang Lefu age” or the end, this also means that the actual holding companies now who will replace the Wong family CVC master’s voice .

Wong family lost the last one seat

12 22, Huang Zhaohui resignation notice was posted on the door of Zhuhai in the rich side of the wall.

Late last year in March, its shares in the rich Group of Zhuhai in the rich 29% of the company’s shares transferred to the bottle industry in Asia (Hong Kong) Limited (the “bottle industry in Asia”, with the ultimate shareholders are CVC Asia managed fund ). By the end of September, the Commerce Department approved the acquisition.

In October last year, in Zhuhai, all the rich to the board of directors and senior executives to resign, the Group Board of Directors, the founder of Wong Fu Zhaohui only one family to stay, and served as general manager. Then open sources, Zhuhai Fu board of directors from CVC accounted for three-quarters of seats in the account for two thirds of the board of supervisors.

And Zhaohui resigned last week after the senior management of Zhuhai in the rich, the Huang family has disappeared.

As of June 30, Asia bottle industry and CR groups were held in Zhuhai in the rich 29%, 4.91% of the shares. However, and CVC Cooperation Prior to Zhuhai Founder Huang Lefu have rich media that: “CVC’s investment in people just will not do industry, our management will not move.” Aspects of the CVC has repeatedly said that after the acquisition is a major shake-up American style, and CVC to take the European approach. “CVC is optimistic about the current team was due to make a purchase, we buy is talent.”

This call CVC’s Beijing office yesterday, the Managing Director Zhu Wei China but leave CVC, CVC regard it has not made any response resignation Zhaohui.

And an unnamed CVC staff, said yesterday that he personally thought that this is normal. From the perspective of private equity funds, all of the company as long as there is a private equity power outside intervention, the company will be a major personnel changes. This is a very important improvement business part.

Resigned for personal reasons? Zhaohui for the bulletin said the resignation was due to “personal reasons”, insiders believe, yellow separation may be a novelty factor. 12

1996 months, “Zhuhai rich” in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This from the Huang Lefu founded in December 1985 the township enterprises, after a series of expansion and restructuring, has grown to become well-known bottle business, the production of PET bottles in the domestic market share as high as 60%.

12 20, the “Daily Economic News” reporter rushed to the rich in Zhuhai headquarters in Wan Chai. Reporters on the scene to see, in the rich industrial Co., Ltd., in rich bottle factory, CR Shipyard, in rich red plastic cover labels in the roof side of the road in turn arranged to form a huge cluster. Irradiation

Zhuhai Fu secretaries to directorate to the “Daily Economic News” reporter said: “Huang, resigned mainly because of personal reasons to work. In the last year after the completion of delivery options, Huang does not always work in the rich, their other factories. After period of development, new business Growing size. Now the total Huang older, the body is not good management, but to his side need strong people. ”

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