FAQs About Frozen Meat

FAQs About Frozen Meat

In the hotel industry, it is nearly impossible to get fresh meat everyday, which is why the need for frozen meat arises. Frozen lamb meat or any meat product for that matter is an indispensible part of any restaurant, hotel, and other food outlets. When it comes to handling frozen beef or poultry products, there are a few questions that might arise in your mind. Here are a few FAQs that will unveil the answers to those long pondered questions!

• Is frozen seafood completely free of bacteria?

It cannot be assured that frozen meat products are completely free of bacteria. Yes, freezing certainly hinders the growth of bacteria, but does not kill bacteria.

• Can defrosted meat or poultry products be refrozen?

Defrosted meat can be refrozen only if it is cooked. Otherwise, there will be a drop in quality every time you refreeze defrosted meat products. The texture will also be affected as refreezing will cause ice crystals, which in turn will result in bleeding of the meat. The chances of microbial attack are also high.

• Why should meat be taken out of the plastic bag before being stored in the freezer?

Meat tends to sweat when wrapped in plastic. So, it is recommended to empty the pack contents into a non-plastic dish and cover with a foil so that there is enough air flow.

• How long can frozen seafood or meat products be stored?

The storage time for frozen foods varies with the size of the food item. This is because freezing dries the food item, which means smaller food items tend to dry out soon. For instance, frozen mince can be stored for up to 3 months, whereas roasts can be stored for up to 6 months. In case, frozen food is stored beyond the recommended time, the food will still remain safe to eat, but it will be dry.

• What is the shelf life of vacuum packed meat?

Vacuum packaging removes all air and so there are very minimal chances of microbial growth. This is why vacuum packed meat has a longer shelf life when compared to fresh meat. Since there is no air, vacuum packed meat will be in purple color. However, the meat will get back its red color when it is unwrapped from the package. Vacuum packaging also results in the development of harmless confinement odor.

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