Stable And Increased Domestic Coke Prices – Steel, Steel, Steel – Iron And Steel Industry

Stable And Increased Domestic Coke Prices – Steel, Steel, Steel – Iron And Steel Industry

Coking coal prices and improved market demand, the domestic coke market prices rose to some extent there. Ended ended Dec. 8, the current secondary metallurgical coke price in Shanghai in 1750 yuan / ton in Jiangsu and secondary metallurgical coke price 1800 yuan / ton, Shandong secondary metallurgical coke price 1700 yuan / ton, the second in Shanxi Province grade metallurgical coke price 1650 yuan / ton, Hebei secondary metallurgical coke price 1750 yuan / ton, Yunnan secondary metallurgical coke price 1450 yuan / ton, has risen 50-100 yuan / ton.

Together, affect the price of coke The major factors include the following:
1, significantly higher coking coal prices, increased production costs
Winter has always been the traditional peak season for coal coal demand, the current medium and small coal mines in Shanxi Province before the end of integration and consolidation of the northern strain on the resources available in the market situation has not improved significantly. And because rain and snow, coupled with increasingly strained capacity at the end of the recent Northern coking coal to steel mills and coking business volume declined. Currently, nine major coking coal in Shanxi Province has risen to the market price of 1,300 yuan / ton, early in November rose 50 per tonne. Hebei Hebei raised three times the energy mining coking coal ex-factory price in November. From November 21, the long-term users of its coking coal ex-factory price increases from 60 to 1,100 yuan / ton (excluding tax), long-term users of non-raised 170 yuan / ton, auto transport customer implementation of 1320 yuan / ton (including tax price of 1544 yuan / ton), train transportation customers implement 1300 yuan / ton (tax included price of 1521 yuan / ton). Affected by this, the present Hebei 9 coking coal market price rose to 1520 yuan / ton, early in November rose 260 yuan / ton.

2, market demand, tight supply of coke resources
Domestic steel output continued high demand for coke is more robust, according to China Steel Association statistics, in November 2009 member companies in mid-Steel Association (73) crude steel production was 12,469,600 tons, average daily production was 1.247 million tons / day ; expected in mid-November produced 15.9952 million tons nationwide, average daily production of 1,599,500 tons / day. As the iron and steel production to maintain a high level of demand for good coke, Shanxi, Hebei and other places of coking enterprises have said that the current inventory is not high steel coke, coke procurement efforts have increased in recent shipments of coke in good condition. Shandong, Henan, coking also reflects the market demand, coking enterprises are currently at full capacity, but the little plant inventory, shipping and smooth.

Steel have increased purchases of the same time, keep up the purchase price of coke. December 7, Hengyang Steel Tube will be the purchase price of coke up 80 yuan / ton, the adjusted quasi-one from the Shanxi purchase price of the implementation of 1840 yuan metallurgical coke / ton. Anyang Yongxing Iron & Steel will be the recent purchase price of metallurgical coke by 50 yuan / ton, the adjusted quasi-one focus (A

3, coke companies have raised prices With the demand for improved
and prices of coke, coke companies will raise prices more strongly. December 1, Coking Industry Association of Hebei Province issued a notice saying recently by the frequent coal mine accidents and the impact of tight capacity, coal prices soaring, the association raised the price of coke made in December 50-80 yuan / ton, two metallurgical coke guide price of 1750 yuan? tons. And stressed that the market in mid-coke prices may continue to rise.

Based on the current coal, coke, iron and steel market changes, Shanxi Coking Industry Association, through research, presented in December 2009 guidance on the coke market, quality to sulfur 0.7, the coke ash 12.5 for the benchmark Coke prices in December

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