Membrane Filter In Coke Oven Gas Wet Desulfurization System – Membrane Filters – Filtration And

Membrane Filter In Coke Oven Gas Wet Desulfurization System – Membrane Filters – Filtration And

Abstract: coke oven gas wet desulfurization systems to improve and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Key words: coke oven; gas; desulfurization; filter

0 Introduction Coke oven gas wet desulfurization is in civil and industrial purification system an important part, now TISCO gas plant is used as the base fluid ADA improvements to PDS as a catalyst for wet air oxidation process, the H2S gas First of all, in the desulfurization tower desulfurization liquid was absorbed H2S desulfurization fluid was oxidized in the regeneration tower, sulfur, sulfur and sulfur formed part of desulfurization liquid foam into the sulfur recovery process. In order to achieve desulfurization liquid recycling, need to keep the sulfur from the liquid extract. I plant sulfur recovery process of wet FGD systems for the traditional bubble of sulfur recovery, sulfur recovery rate as low (40%), resulting in high sulfur suspended in solution (0.1mg / l), removal efficiency decreased (85%), equipment and pipe higher sulfur attachment to towers and facilities increased resistance caused by severe corrosion. In addition, sulfur recovery process, the sulfur and molten sulfur tank foam tank need to consume a large amount of steam, not only high energy consumption and operating workers out of sulfur and sulfur paste directly contact the working environment is poor, labor-intensive, pollution is quite serious.

To address these problems, optimize production processes, and we make use of the liquid Al Gore film Filter To replace the current foam tank and molten sulfur tank, only to improve efficiency, save energy, but also to achieve sulfur recovery process automation bubble.

1 Gore film liquid filter structure and principle

1.1 Gore film liquid Filter Structure

Gore filter by the automatic control system, flexible valve group, membrane filtration components, tank piping and other components. Thin-film filter surface, this unique filtering method has the advantage: The suspensions in all of the liquid collected in the film surface, as film has excellent non-sticky and very small friction coefficient, combined with automated systems to Automatic continuous throughout the filtration process, and fully as physical recovery has no effect on the solution.

1.2 works

Gore membrane filter works shown in Figure 1. Sulfur foam 1 # valve through imports into the filter, after Bag Filter, clear liquid through the membrane filter bags into the cavity and discharged through the overflow pipe, filter medium solids (residue) is the surface of membrane filtration in the bag. When the filter for some time, membrane filter bags on the residue up to a certain thickness of the filter membrane into the automatic anti-state, into the liquid, recoil, Filter valve Automatically switch to the surface residue from the membrane filtration bags and sinking to the bottom of the filter cone, filters automatically to the next filter, recoil, settlement cycle at the same time, dehydrating dehydration from the filter into the filter residue were dewatering device When the residue in the water off to a certain extent, the system automatically opens dehydration device and door locking device, discharge of dry residue, and then run back into the next cycle.

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