Cake Decorating Classes

Cake Decorating Classes

Interest in cake decorating classes is on the rise. Magazines are filled with glossy pictures of frosted cupcakes and custom-designed wedding cakes. Whether you are a home baker, working in the culinary industry, or yearning for a business sideline, a cake decorating course may be an excellent investment.

As a hobby, cake decorating is a unique creative outlet. You work with colors, shapes, and textures; and bring pleasure to celebrations with family and friends.

Many home bakers bring much love and talent to their projects, but struggle with basics, such as evenly spreading frosting and using an icing bag. Others have basic skills, but are dying to feel more confident creating different types of icings, borders, and flowers.

A beginner’s cake decorating class is a perfect way to get started, fill in knowledge gaps, find out about the best tools and ingredients, and get step-by-step instructions on how to create professional-looking desserts. You’ll learn time-saving tips, current fashions, and connect with other people with a passion for learning cake decorating techniques.

Advanced classes are useful for professionals and experienced enthusiasts. As an experienced decorator you may want to strengthen your skills, learn new techniques, or collect some new cake decorating ideas and tips.

Traditional techniques continue to be popular, but new fashions and methods are also entering the scene. Current trends include:

wedding cakes assembled with cupcakes;
cakes molded and decorated as popular cartoon figures and movie stars;
airbrushed designs; and
edible ink photo transfers.

Taking classes is a way to tune into these and other current trends.

Some advanced courses offer a certificate, which can boost your credentials when you are trying to impress potential employers and customers. Some certificates are recognized by local or national culinary associations.

Taking cake decorating classes is a great way to start or develop a business. You can learn ways to:

successfully market your creations;
discover a lucrative niche–such as custom-designed wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake sculptures, or ethnic delicacies;
decide who your customers will be–for example you could cater to business events, large social events, or bake for small local parties.

There is a variety of cake decorating classes to choose from. Classes are offered by large arts and craft stores, food craft stores, small local cake shops, high schools, community centers, community colleges, and private culinary schools. You can choose from one-day workshops, a series of weekend seminars, night courses, and full-time training.

An online course is also a viable option. Improvements in video technology make online courses very easy to use. Online courses offer step-by-step video instructions. You can repeat all or part of a video as often as you need while you practice in your kitchen. Online education also offers flexibility–you can study at any time, any day, in your own home.

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