Eliminate The “coke” 5 Common Gasoline Additive Evaluation – Additives

Eliminate The “coke” 5 Common Gasoline Additive Evaluation – Additives

Every car running for some time, fuel systems will form some sediment. Now as urban traffic congestion, often in low speed and idling car state, but will increase the formation and accumulation of these sediments. Maybe you will find there own car running at idle instability, jitter, or when speed is not as smooth as new vehicles, most of the time are the engine fuel system, the phenomenon of carbon deposition at play.

Remove coke and fuel system to avoid accumulation of impurities are usually several ways, which add a gasoline additive for automotive is an effective means. Usually every 5,000 km, so add a gasoline additive to effortlessly, without the help of time cleaning your car the most important fuel system. Now gasoline additive products on the market is good and bad, to let you correct classification to achieve the effect of the gasoline additive, is that you choose the right products, we specifically had the following experiment.

Market, we find the more common 5 product, which contains special offers manufacturers a number of imported gasoline additives and additives. Test is: are vector into the cup 10 ml of petrol, and then adding two drops of gasoline additive products, respectively, and then through a special “indicator” by adding a mixture of gasoline and gasoline additives, 5 drops, then intuitive color depth, shallow judgments can be drawn which product to eliminate higher coke ingredients.

First step to join in the “indicator” of the trial, 5 of which 4 products product almost no color, and color of the product have 1,3,5 numbers show significant changes in the performance of light blue to blue, 5 products in the color of most products for the 2 he has presented a deep purple. This proves 2 products is to eliminate a more coke ingredients.

Then, we will use the “reducing agent” of the mixture are recovered, then the number of drops instilled mixture of reducing agent will be able to restore sections of products to judge the effect can be achieved. If the mixture by adding 1-4 drops of reducing agent after the reduction Jibei, then prove that the product has the effect of cleaning nozzle; If a few drops of the reducing agent added 5-9 drops of the product so that the nozzle cleaning function with while also cleaning the engine oil circuit; if the reduction after adding 10-15 drops of reducing agent, then prove that the products have the first two features in addition to the 150 – 2500 miles and the oil line within the continuous coke removal; adding reducing agent, if more than 16 drops, so that the product only through 150 – 1,800 miles can be achieved on the clean coke and asphalt.

Final answer is revealed, 5 products, 4 and 3, Product only by 1-4 drops of reducing agent was fully restored into gasoline should have yellow, indicating the effectiveness can be achieved only is the cleaning nozzle . And 1 and 5, products reached a high reduction of 10-15 drops, indicating the actual effectiveness of these two products is better. 5 products in the best efficacy for the 2 products, which instilled a total of 31 drops of reducing agent was fully restored to petrol Caibei yellow.

The above experiment, we can conclude that: Although a common gasoline additive market, most have some coke, and asphalt removal effectiveness, but the specific effect or have a big difference. If you use the products to the general may spend money only for the car while doing a small part of the maintenance, and the choice of products can effect more fully realize the conservation of vehicles to achieve cleansing of the engine and manifold.

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