How to use gas barbecues

How to use gas barbecues

So often families do not take full advantage of their gas barbecues. A bbq is so much more than an outside grill suitable for chargrilling sausages. Gas bbqs have thankfully allowed us all to say goodbye to the burnt or undercooked meat that traditional bbqs have so often produced in the past and yet rarely is the new technology taken full advantage of. Not only do gas fueled grills allow us to cook better food, but they also offer a portability factor that traditional bbqs do not. Read on to discover how you can start enjoying your bbq more and make the very most out of your summer.


First things first, the simplicity and portability of gas bbqs needs to be discussed. They are easy to light, unlike charcoal bbqs, they are easy to turn off, unlike charcoal bbqs and they are easy to move around, you get the idea. Never again do you have to light the bbq 2 hours before you want to start cooking and never again are you faced with a pile of hot ashes that you don’t know how to dispose of. Gas bbqs are often on wheels which makes them easy to transport. They can be packed up and put in the car and taken along on all sorts of trips or days out. To the beach, to the park, on camping holidays…..the gas bbq can go wherever you do. Think of the fun that can now be had. Also consider the savings too. When you have children eating out all the time whilst camping or even on a day out can become very expensive but grilling yourself if cost effective and good fun. It definitely brings something extra to the day when a bbq is involved.


The cooking power of a gas bbq is sublime too. Instead of having to constantly turn the coals or add more fuel, the flames and heat are instant. This makes cooking on them much easier than traditional bbqs. Most people continue to use their gas bbqs for sausages and burgers but there is so much more potential here. Fish becomes much easier to cook and vegetables too. That crispy, burnt, black and bitter taste is long gone so you can really bring some culinary expertise into the equation. Sausages of course have their place, but now you can create bbq feasts with a difference. Shellfish skewers, lamb kebabs, grilled vegetables of all varieties. The possibilities really are endless and with the absence of fat or frying, providing your family with barbecued food is very healthy. You can take it as far as your imagination will go and with recipe books dedicated to the subject and the internet packed with ideas, you will never be short of a new creation to try.


There are few things nicer in the world than enjoying a bbq at home or when you are out and about. It is the perfect way to spend a lazy sunday, with friends and family all around and cold beer on tap! By taking full advantage of a portable gas bbq, you can not only enjoy healthy, well cooked food but you can save plenty of money in the process too. They couldn’t be easier to set up or light and with adjustable legs there is no bending over or difficulty with cooking. By thinking up some exciting recipes and preparing some delicious accompaniments like salads and sauces, mastering the art of bbq food is enjoyable and exciting.

Gas bbq are fun for all the family. With plenty of lpg gas suppliers, topping up with fuel is easy to do and cooking with them is fun. gas barbecues really help make summers special.


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